Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Advice from Luth Brodie

I'm an avid photographer that spends countless hours taking shots for personal expression and also commercially for advertising products. I can't stress how long it takes me to pick or create certain poses sometimes. I am all about individuality and many clients of mine have certain hairstyles that they prefer or jewelry and so I have to make sure that the pose fits in with these elements. On top of that when taking pictures of clothing I have to make sure that the outfits don't get the weird distortion. With all of the detail that I put into my shots I am appreciative of people that take the time to put the detail into what they do.


I applaud Luth Brodie of Reel Expressions for writing on her blog, "What to look for when buying poses." I also appreciate the way she went about it because not only will it educate the average person, it will also help those creating poses to really stress about doing a better job. I'm always learning and push myself to do something different with my own skills to make them better.

I hope and challenge everyone to do the same throughout their lives no matter if it is in Second Life of First Life.

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