Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hair Fair 2016 by Elikatira

Inspiration even years later can be enjoyable. The Haley hair by Elikatira did it for me this time! It is available to purchase at the 2016 Hair Fair.

If you want other items pictured, please send me a comment here or on Flickr!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A little bit of Mesh news by Zoe Demar


Mesh bodies seem to be the new thing and luckily for me I'm able to get some trials at it from Belleza. Tricky has been working on this for months and I have to give him kudos for the amount of hours he puts into his work. I have been eagerly awaiting giving it a go since he first told me about this months and months ago!


Here's my low-down:

I have to say that straight out of the box I'm happy thus far. I will be honest in saying I haven't been able to give a full out dedicated review of this but from an out of the box perspective I found the HUD easy to use with a lot of options I didn't expect.

Tricky did a great job of giving a LOT of options with hand gestures to pointed and flat feet to the details such as nail length and color options. It is fun to see a full body done in 3-D vs 2-D.  I have an actual belly button indentation!!

I will say one of the more humorous things was playing with the cleavage option.  I haven't yet put that to use with clothing but it did give me a bit of a chuckle because in order to achieve cleavage like SL's in RL there is some definite push-ups that he has mimicked here - give your mind a moment to visualize then give it a try when it is released!

I will say that my avatar is rather small chested and I did increase the boob size a bit along with my feet and hands to get into the mesh properly and to where I wanted to be.  But that's going to be standard with any mesh body from the sounds of it. No more needing size 0 feet!  I think the one thing that I will have to try is mesh shoes from other designers and how that will play with this body.

But as I said in my Flickr comments - It is sooo nice to just take a picture without spending hours recreating curves that would naturally be there if you were to take a photo of an actual person.  Mind you, we will still continue to contort our avatars into physically impossible poses for the sake of creativity but it is nice to not HAVE to when doing a simple pose!  Yay for mesh bodies!

Thank you SL for allowing us to be able to have creators such as the talented Mr. Tricky of Belleza create them for us to adore our avatars more lovingly with!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Sunshine


Giving out some sunshine on this May Day!  Lots of newness at the Fameshed this month including the latest dress from Zaara and Hair by Exile.  Also a sneakpeak of Belleza's Best Buy for the first week of May!

The Chaitra Chiffon dress comes in an array of colors and prints too!  I love the little frills in the sleeves with a bit of soft transparency.  It is a must have for my inventory!  I went with yellow to celebrate the arrival of spring and upcoming summer sunny days.  Keep the mesh coming, Zaara!!

Exile has been busy!  I had started to wonder when he was going to release and now I know why!  The spectacular HUD is going to make my inventory cry out for joy as it is already over-bulging with the amount of items I have collected over my past several years in SL.  THANK YOU EXILE!!  I also adore this Set Fire to the Rain hairstyle.  Give me the body baby!

Skin is always a hot commodity and I got first dips on showing of Belleza's Best Buy that will be released soon!!!  It is Mya in Medium BBB2.  It is the most delicate of the three options that Belleza will be offering.  Mya certainly gives my avatar a unique look compared to a lot of skins out there and I'm always happy to show it off.

And my outfit wouldn't be complete without some sexy wedges by GOS.  I adore the detail of the texture on the toe portion of the Lolita Espardrilles wedges and the sexy ribbon that will leave a lasting impression from behind.  Keep it coming Mr. Gospel - don't let the shoe whores of the universe wait for too long for your next piece of perfection.

The rest is my standards to Del May Poses, Insufferable Dastard Eyes, and Silhouette Lashes

Love, Zoe

Quick Credits
DRESS: Zaara - Chaitra  Chiffon in Canary
HEELS: GOS - Lolita Espardrilles in Nectarine
HAIR: Exile - Fire to the Rain in Extreme Hud
SKIN: Belleza - Mya in Med BBB 2
EYES & LASHES: .ID. - City Lights in Green / Silhouette - Au Natural (no longer available)
POSE: Del May

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Fantasy aka Belle Gone Wild


I've been waiting for League to release this corset/skirt combo into her store since I missed the fair and my wish came true!  I decided that this outfit made me think of Disney's Beauty and the favorite Disney flick from my childhood.  I consider this picture, "Belle Gone Wild!"

It was hard to choose which color combination to choose - there are sooo many options!!  And then there is a HUD included with the corset which allows for 4 spike metal options or to turn them off.  AND it even allows for different texture line options and colors as well as two sleeve options.  Way to go, League - always providing exceptional ..everything!

I'm not really one for doing the cleavage enhancement but corsets definitely don't bring modesty so I felt it was appropriate!  I'm wearing Pink Fuel's Alex with the Enhancer 3 in Latte.  I'm going for the natural look to fit the scene a bit.

I went for looooong hair by LeLutka.  I have a hard time in RL or SL to do the split down the middle.  I don't know why!  But again, I decided to pull it out for this look and love how it turned out!

I'll let the rest of the look speak for itself as I repeatedly use the remaining items.


Zoe Demar

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dear Spring 2013

Light As Air

Dear Spring,

I put on this stunning new Zaara dress and expect you to show up!  Especially when I'm wearing some smokin' hot Gos heels to match!  This hair by Eaters Coma just has enough curl to handle any rain you want to try and throw at it too!  And if that wasn't enough, my Belleza Best Buy April skin is totally going to knock your snow off!!  So hurry up and arrive already!

Impatiently Waiting in this new pose...from the pose fair, 
Zoe Demar

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Indifference


I feel like this look kind of represents the RL me a bit.  I don't really feel about explaining it though so I guess you can say I'm a bit indifferent about it!

Love, Zoe

Monday, March 18, 2013

Skin Fair 2013: Pink Fuel


The Skin Fair is on - Skin Fair Details Here!

I'm showing off Pink Fuel's Alyx in Latte Purse + Lip Lustre Orange Bonbon with DeLa hair and a top from Celoe.  Like most skin designers they are perfectionists!  Mochi is not an exception to this!  I couldn't decide on which skin tone to buy!  And I absolutely love her lip options that come with the skin.

Go and check it out SLURL.

Love, Zoe