Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Advice from Luth Brodie

I'm an avid photographer that spends countless hours taking shots for personal expression and also commercially for advertising products. I can't stress how long it takes me to pick or create certain poses sometimes. I am all about individuality and many clients of mine have certain hairstyles that they prefer or jewelry and so I have to make sure that the pose fits in with these elements. On top of that when taking pictures of clothing I have to make sure that the outfits don't get the weird distortion. With all of the detail that I put into my shots I am appreciative of people that take the time to put the detail into what they do.


I applaud Luth Brodie of Reel Expressions for writing on her blog, "What to look for when buying poses." I also appreciate the way she went about it because not only will it educate the average person, it will also help those creating poses to really stress about doing a better job. I'm always learning and push myself to do something different with my own skills to make them better.

I hope and challenge everyone to do the same throughout their lives no matter if it is in Second Life of First Life.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar

This style is a mix-it-up between two designers - Barerose & Bijou.

Both designers create unique looks to Second Life. I've been visiting Barerose for almost as long as my avatar has been around. I received a random freebie prize from Barerose that I still keep but don't wear all too often. Bijou on the other hand is rather new to me but I find myself keep going back to see what they've done now. Mixing the two designers was a bit of fun for me and I leaned a bit more on the exotic side. I love absorbing diversity and thus why it is hard for me to wear the same thing for too long, aside from my shape.

Exotic Styled Beauty

First thing you might notice compared to my typical blog-post is the lack of shoes! I was going to pair up the look with something but preferred the thought of this look being worn barefoot. I am not a bit shoe wearer myself if it can be avoided.

The inspiration is all about the peacock skirt from the Prayer outfit by Bijou. I saw this originally in a picture done by Lux Yao of Three Fall (can be seen here) for Hathor. I love how it organically sits low and wide on the hips. The full outfit is awesome but I wanted to pull in from another designer to mix up the look a bit and help inspire others to try something new.

As I said before Barerose is definitely the place to go if you're looking for unique. The Over The Rainbow outfit hits a bit close to home as it references a bit of "Oz" which of course has me automatically linked to my original home state of Kansas. I love the simple geometric printed tube top with a lot of character mixed in with the straps that fit the full outfit with wings (not pictured here). I also kept around the other accessories including gloves and lamp.

To finish the look, an older favorite is the Mofumofu hair from Shop Seu. It was one of the first hairs created there and a personal favorite because of the way it flows down over the front of one's torso. Upon visiting a shopper will find a few other must have styles along with skins and clothing. I visited Redgrave last night and picked up this Niaomi2 skin. I personally love how well the realistic skins photograph and how each diversify on my body shape. Last but not least, the pale blue eyes from Madesigns. They completely have me sucked into the deep glistening pool of blue when I see them. I'm not a fan of large pupils and these fit the bill perfectly.

Store Slurls:
Shop Seu

Other References:
Lux Yao (flickr stream)
Three Fall (flickr stream)
Hathor Model Agency (website)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting to know Zoe & A bit of style mix up

First I want to embark that today is the anniversary of 9/11/2001. I was in college at the time and by close association also knew someone that survived the tragedy. A lot of people can say that their lives changed on that day, but I had another incident that same week that personally changed mine. I do hope that anyone out there whose lives were effected in such a way that you are in a better place now than where you were on that day. There have been a lot of tragedies throughout history and instead of focusing on the bad, I try to celebrate the good.

The reason why I am celebrating specifically is that I can now finally work again without having to report to an immigration office. For those that don't know me well, I have been going through an immigration process for over a year. That now is changing and I can't wait to get my life back, so to speak. In celebration of this I will be having to get some new work clothing and thought that I would mix an outfit together that would be work appropriate in Second Life® too. Yes, I am a shop-a-holic like many out there. And btw, I do this blog just for my personal fun!

Glammin up the workplace

The influence for this look started with the hair. I stumbled upon Novocaine after a blog report on the Fashion Feed and went out and bought almost every style in at least 1 shade box. The style, Antoinette, is one of her newest releases at her store.

I thought about doing something full out glam but decided that I wanted to tone it down a bit to reflect on what I'm going through in my first life. Thus I took a dress that I adore from Shai called Roison Cocktail Dress in Zebra and detached the skirt and instead paired it up with another fave of mine, Chachet's GoldGlam full outfit, but keeping the shirt out. I love the wide legged pant that covers up the shoes.

And though one could just about wear anything under these, I wanted to glam it up with some WLB Gold & Diamond heels from Jador. The detailed flowers are amazing! With that I had to tie in the designer Jador for a second time with the ultimate bling ring that uses over 200 prims!! Not something to wear to fashion shows in SL!

To tie in the look, I used Redgrave's Rihanna eyes that truly feel like a reflection of first life. Along with this I'm wearing a PXL Linda skin that I absolutely adore the lips on. And last but not least, the lashes I'm wearing are prim ones by Celestial Studios Deviant line.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar

Looking for the ultimate eye catcher to get the attention of the "just friends" guy or gal? Slip into this ultimate mini-dress by NanoGunk for a steamy change of scenery.


This head turning number comes in 5 hot shades (other colors shown below) and paired with the thigh high boots from The Abyss will surely knock the socks off of any passer-by. I wanted to keep it rather modern yet simple with a newer hairstyle by MMS called Ribbon, shown here in Platinum. Definitely one of my personal must have hairs from their collection of styles.

Keeping the attention where it belongs I paired up the look with a neck clincher of a choker with matching bracelet by Tuli. Wearing skin by Celestial Studios that draws them into the wearer's eyes and bewitching lips. To finish it off Zoe is wearing Tuli's Mesmerize eyes in steel that will heat up any room if stared at long enough!

Colors Shown Left to Right: Silver, Red, Black, & Chrome (colbalt shown above)

The Abyss
Celestial Studios