Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Gone Denim

All sorts of good things to blog about lately but in the end I decided to pull together a bit of a look that utilizes a bit of the same colors and involving some classic uses of denim.

Gone Denim Gone Denim

I recently fell in love with the newest skin from LAQ (Laqroki) - Martina.  Which doesn't necessarily bode well for my typical blonde locks that have become my default look of late, but when a girl faces thicker dark brows one can change hair color - or at least in Second Life!  The skin comes in 5 tonal shades along with numerous make-up that is all very afford-ably priced.

Thus was the inspiration that pulled the look together along with not only checking out skins but the clothing over at LAQ.  An area which can be overlooked by many, but you can find a great collection for both men and women.  That was my main focus for this post.

Ladies First:

Gone Denim

I spotted this denim dress number and knew I had to have it.  One of my older faves from Nyte'N'Day is a denim dress and it was nice to find something here at LAQ.  It comes in a variety of shades the one shown here being my pick in a nice faded gray.

I paired it up with a new boot being sold at LAQ called Midcut Boots in a beige shade - again not the only color available but what I wanted to use with this look.

Mandala, a newer jewelry maker than where I typically look for great finds I originally came across at LE LOOK.  He has some fascinating pieces available - these Takara earrings and Takayama bangles being part of some newer sets.  I will also give him credit for creating the best SL to RL blends that I have seen.  I really don't encourage SL to RL blends personally as it is extremely difficult to make them look right.  My personal theory is keep SL to SL and RL to RL.

Another new release is the hair by Maitreya called Siri.  It is a very elegant and well made hair that comes in their typical variety of reds, blonds, blacks, whites, and browns.  It does tend to go well with a hair base but no fret to those that choose to go without - I say wear what you like!

I thought about going to my typical set of eyes, but decided to pull out one that I have blogged before from Tres Blah.  I have been meaning to see if she has released some more skins that I have been anticipating where I originally had picked up these pretty blue eyes that have a natural shade already there in their creation.

For the Guys:

Gone Denim

Based of my lady look I pulled out the same type of idea starting with the raw denim jeans that stood out to me at LAQ - it comes in both a gold or silver seam stitch option along with belt option and sculpted cuffs.  

Easily I spotted a pair of beige urban oxford shoes at LAQ which fit the color scheme for this blog post.  I love how much detail goes into shoes.  I am continually amazed.  And for those of you that only want things in all black, yes they have other color options!

Having not been to the fashion section of LAQ lately - I have been here before for my male avie and was happy to find more of a selection available including this high collared coat.  I always have a hard time selecting only one color but went with the gray to help mimic the gray in the denim from my lady look.  It also adds a nice neutral contrast to the blue denim and beige of the shoe.

The jacket was pictured with a white shirt and black tie at LAQ, but I wanted to keep the look casual and teleported over to Truth to pick up one of his Sarg Henly shirts in a nice olive green shade.  I really feel like this is something I can see my hubby potentially wearing in RL - so long as it comes in black (he tends to wear a lot of it).  I was surprised not to see a nice navy shade (unless my eyes fooled me) - it may be something to suggest to Truth sometime.

Lately I've been on the look-out for good male hair and was happy to see this new option called Radient over in the LAQ hair section.  I'm not 100% thrilled with the texture close-up.  I can be a bit picky sometimes - esp when it comes to the lighter colors but can typically handle it most in the darker shades, which is what I wanted to use here.

I decided that I wanted to nab the newest male skin called Cruz over at Redgrave.  I originally spotted it on my friend Yelmer from Alphamale.  I liked the dimples as well as hair base - which you can't see here but can try out with a demo for yourself.

I did pair it up with the Cruz eyes.  Redgrave typically offers a good variety of what I believe to be photo-sourced eyes which is common throughout SL.

There you have it - two sexes with similar styles!


Love, Zoe