Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sad Tidings: LAP store closing in June

One of my favorite pose stores is closing its doors.  Long Awkward Pose aka LAP, was the first pose store that I knew of to really have good emotional mood poses.  In honor of Dove Swanson I'm pulling a few of my shots that I know that I used her poses for.  If you look back in my blog you will be certain to find other poses that I have used to blog with.

Chicken Fight - Part of the Fashion Spread found in ROLE's June magazine

A lot of places back when I started pose shopping were all very model-esc poses.  Don't get me wrong, with my photography career relying on poses that can show off clothing, model-esc poses are something I consistently need.  And not only did Dove Swanson of LAP create poses I could use for showing off clothing/products but she also created items that allowed my inner creative to come out a bit more to tell a story.  Dove also came to my rescue when I needed some custom poses created when I couldn't find something I was looking for.  Not only could she deliver high quality, but also very quickly too!  I should also mention how humble of a person she is too, even if she might be a bit "poo" obsessed, she's a great person and one I would call a friend.  You know the phrase, "there's something about Mary,"...there is something about Dove that just makes her one you remember.

Sunbathing - Part of the Fashion Spread found in ROLE's June magazine

I'm grateful that LAP has been here throughout my many years of SL, I will definitely miss seeing Dove's style of posing continue on, but I can also understand needing to pull away from this world when RL comes knocking.  I myself have had to do the same.  Luckily I'm a weekend SLer and I know she'll still be around, just in a different capacity.  Here's to you Dove!  Love, Zoe.


Dove's own words:
I was going to wait to send this notice in June, but now I'm not certain how June is going to play out exactly, so I wanted to make sure to give you guys plenty of time. For what, you say? As some of you may have guessed or even heard, I'm closing LAP for good in June. I won't be returning, or rebranding, I won't be listing on the marketplace, or any such thing - so this is it. There are no bad feelings or situations that are taking me away - it's actually a lot of good things in my RL that are going on and require more of my attention. Sometimes you just grow out of certain things and for me, creating in SL has become one of those things.
So, I'm having a final closing sale. Everything is going to be 50% (or more) off until it poofs forever in June. I don't have a firm date for June, so if you want something you should get it sooner rather than later. I've even brought back a couple of older items and reduced them as well. I won't bring back everything - some things are better left alone.
>> If you have store credit or gift cards remaining you should use them now, once my shop is gone they will be useless! << 
Thank you so much to everyone who has been a supporter for all these years. I'm not "quitting SL" - I will still be around as a casual user and consumer, but as a creator I truly do have to thank you all for everything you've helped me accomplish. My shop has been open since 2007, this year is five years that you've helped me keep it going. I doubt many of you know but your support helped me support my family in RL, helped me to return to school, helped pay for medical costs, and pretty much changed the course of my life forever. I'll be forever grateful.
I'm not sure what else needs to be said. I guess I'll go out the way I came in, with a long awkward ...pause. 
Thank you everyone. <3
with love,
<3 Dove (just another poser)