Monday, August 29, 2011

Zoe's Quick Pick: Rebel Hope Designs - Fabria Mesh Gown


If mesh means that I can get stuff like this, then bring it on!  Yay for many designers, including Rebel Hope, to bring Second Life's newest upgrade of Mesh to life.  I'm showing off Rebel's Fabria Mesh Gown for sale in multiple colors.  

DO try the demo first and be prepared to adjust your shape if you plan on strolling out on the grid.  She did provide 2 version - but just because it has an alpha does not mean it will fit perfectly without some body adjustments.  I shrunk down my boob size a bit to make it work for my shape.  

And a note to SL creators - just because you can't do mesh, does not mean you should stop creating or steer you away from your own personal creativity on the grid. 

And if you want to experience mesh you need to make sure you're in a newer viewer, otherwise it will look like a sculpt that hasn't rezzed.  Also helpful tip of the day: Unable to stop looking like a cloud when logging in?  Wear a different eyebrow/bald shape and you should see yourself again!  Also, don't forget set the default rendervolumeLODFactor to a minimum of 4.000 (Advanced > Show Debug Settings > type "rendervolumeLODFactor")


Love, Zoe