Monday, February 4, 2013

Celebrating 7 Years in Second Life


Hard to believe that I have been involved in SL for seven years!  Looking through my SL inventory picstures and then through a bit of flickr to collect these images is pretty crazy!!  Thinking about all the countless memories that I have had not only virtually, but outside of Second Life too!  I have certainly changed a lot as well as SL...and I've been recording it all through pictures.  It is the one thing I have consistently loved to do.  

Here is to another 7 years!!

Love, Zoe Demar

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Patience


Yes, I'm a Belleza fan.  I think you have to be crazy not to be...but I won't judge you if you are like me and like to change skins like you change clothing...or hair..or...

They are starting up a new event called, "Belleza Best Buys," where they will release exclusive skin(s) for only L$400 every first weekend of the month.  It will only last for 3 days - so you will have to be timely if you want part of this deal.

This weekend (Feb 1st-3rd) they have 3 women's make-up variations offered in 4 ladies' skin-tones   I'm showing off the Ava in Tan, makeup choice 2.  Men - you're not left out either - they have 2 men's skins up for sale too in 3 skin-tones!

I'll let the text in the picture speak for the rest of the items I'm wearing.  If you have questions, feel free to contact me in-world or via my flickr mail.

I will mention that this is my toned down version of the picture.  If you're old enough and have a flickr account you can check out my full pictures on my flickr account.  I'm showing off the Lush mesh breasts with Belleza's Lush Applier.  I have now tried out the Tangos and the Lush mesh breasts.  I won't discount the Tangos for quality, but I personally prefer the Lush brand because it is less abrasive and easier to have a smaller boob, which I prefer for my own avatar.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:
SKIN: Belleza - Ava 2 BB (Best Buy) Tan
JEWELRY: EarthStones - Neisha in Brown/TigersEye/Moss Agate
HAIR: Eaters Coma - Hair 09 in Dark Mocha
EYES: .ID. - City Lights in Green
LASHES: Silhouette - Au Natural (no longer available)
POSE: LAP aka Long Awkward Pose (no longer available)