Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Three Way

Three Way

I had some fun with some of the newness from
(click through to my flickr to see large view)


Love, Zoe

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Couple Love


A quick little style mix for both the male and female today to wish those of you celebrating Valentine's day to share it with those you love - whether it be friends, family, or lover.


Love, Zoe

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Twenties Twist

Yay! I took some time to blog today! I'm a HUGE fan of the 1920's era when it comes to a lot of the deco elements that stem. Recently I even had a tour of a house that is located in a nearby town that is a great collection of the Art Deco era and has been featured in many Hollywood movies.

Twenties Twist

The inspiration for the look is Donna Flora's store. I can't believe that I had never been there before! I have seen Thalia (click here to see Thalia's flickr) blog her before but the big push came from Second Style's magazine for February with James Schwarz's stunning photos (click here to check out his flickr stream). Upon going to the store I fell madly in love with the store build/setting and the use of older styles of fashion and jewelry that I am featuring here using the jacket, top, and necklace from the Jazzy Pink outfit. The necklace reminds me a lot of a pin that my grandmother had that I now own.

As usual - I couldn't just do a gown but had to mix it up! I went straight to the skirt from Nylon Outfitters' Inner Ballerina outfit. I love how soft it looks and extremely feminine. I think it will be a staple in my inventory that I'll come back to repeatedly.

Not too far from Nylon Outfitters store and the hair that I knew would be perfect, is Paper Couture. Looking at my blog they're certainly a repetitive use of my style musings. And another cardinal rule of mine is "less is more" and though the necklace came with earrings, I omitted them due to the jewels being enough with the headband from their Jeweled Headband Updo.

As far as shoes, well I couldn't pass up using Bax's Prestige boots. I was gonna try to do the new pink color update but felt it too heavy, so instead put it together with the soft off-white shade. Then used the custom color option to match the lovely pink from the jacket's bow. Really bringing a custom look to the outfit.

It's all about the eyes - least when it comes to photography and I'm really enjoying the eyes put out recently by LeLutka - I feature them here in the blue shade of Reflection Glory. And paired up with the eyelashes from The Abyss it really helps bring out natural beauty without Photoshop because they include a nice shade feature that gives realistic flare.

And last but certainly not least - I'm really excited that Tricky of Belleza keeps coming out with skins. I was on a panel previously to give feedback to his Belle line and am happy to see him continuing to strive forward with his skills to produce really high quality skin. Thus I'm happy to show off his pale shade of his newest Alyson line in make-up 14.

Check it out along with the hair in this close-up shot.

Twenties Twist Close-up

And of course - the Poses are from a new bunch by Long Awkward Pose - Model School set 1 and 2 available now. So go check them out too!

Back to work now for me but hope that you enjoy and use some of the items to create your own personal style.

Love, Zoe

Friday, February 5, 2010

The 4 Years of Zoe Demar - personal post

Zoe Profile Pic

Yesterday was my rez-day in Second Life. I'm officially 4 years old now. I wanted to commemorate the day somehow and first thought about doing a picture but really didn't want to spend a lot of time on it as I've been busy enough with other projects this week. So, I Figured that I would pull out pictures from my inventory and put them on prim. But that even seemed like more time than I really wanted to dedicate to it. Then I started pulling out old ROLE magazines from last year then other magazines that I have had ads in from time to time, but it really wasn't summing up everything that I have put time and energy into.

I typically haven't done any "year in review" before about myself. And I'm not one to keep a resume of what I've done either. I've always just done what I was interested in at the time. So why am I writing this out or even sharing it for that matter? I guess more for my own recollection of my time spent here so that I have something to look back on to remember. I also feel like this way people who I've met along the way can check it out too and remember good times. So here's what I can remember.

I came to Second Life because my friends thought that due to my creative nature I would find ways to express myself here. And they were right, though I didn't really realize it at the time. I originally found myself exploring and laughing at all the nuances of Second Life. I think the majority of newbs to Second Life still tend to do this. I took snapshots of times spent with friends and enjoyed dancing and shopping around the grid. Okay, now I feel like I'm writing a novel..and that just isn't me either... SO let's try doing a list in no particular order shall we? Yes...random is fun.
  • Explored
  • Photographed for fun
  • Joined FACES modeling agency and walked in a few shows
  • Joined up with Second Style magazine - but didn't work out due to RL stuff going on
  • Role-played at Deadwood heading up the Ruby Theatre for awhile
  • Started photo business, Z...complete
  • Entered Photo Competitions and won...a lot, lost some too
  • Worked as photographer then as Art Director for Alphamale and Blacklace
  • Worked as dancer and host for Activ8
  • Worked as graphic designer for Activ8
  • Worked as manager for Greenies
  • Worked as blogger for Rezzable
  • Worked as Designer for Rezzable
  • Worked as Designer for Footwear Expo 08
  • Worked for Skin/Shape Expo 09
  • Placed in the Top 5 of Next Fashion Icon - had horrible experiences and competition never ended (made some awesome friendships though and decided never to participate in modeling contests again)
  • Put on a fashion show and walked it as part of the Next Fashion Icon Pageant (I swear this was the most work I have ever done in SL at one time)
  • Worked as Blacklace Model
  • Won spot in the Lingerie Legends calender that was shot by Carl Crabe in 2008 and have the printed 2009 version in RL too (that was cool)
  • Walked as one of a few models for Scarlet Niven's Fashion show (thank you Scarlet)
  • Helped put on Blacklace Fashion Show (SL hated us that day)
  • Helped out as model mentor for Natural Beauty Pageant (not as contestant)
  • Participated with Gallery showing at Ewing for Second Life B-Day celebration
  • Opened up Niavi (fashion brand)
  • Worked doing Photography/Graphic Design for Blacklace, Alphamale, Bax, Icing, Alite, Studio Nails, Aluinn, OS, M&M, Eolandes, Foxy Curves, EMJ, Timeless, ROLE, Second Style...and many others
  • Interviewed by The Artisan and Avenue magazines
  • Have had my picture up at ETD's BIG picture (ya that was pretty cool)
  • Blogged for FACES
  • Created my own blog, Z...complete
  • Partnered to Matt (who needs SL weddings)
  • Maid of Honor at my friend Caeleigh's wedding (some weddings are cool...)
  • Bridesmaid for my friend Gemini's wedding
  • Ministered a wedding last minute for another friend (they ended it not too long after - so ya some weddings suck)
  • Danced at the Blue Note (a lot)
  • Have had a few things named after me - that's pretty cool too
  • Worked as Art Director for Aspire before it went to the can...(long story there too)

I'm sure I'm missing a lot - but it has been quite the journey. Thank you to all of my friends and associates who have molded me to what I am today. It has been a creative and colorful four years and I just can't seem to express it in any manner properly.

But out of most happy accomplishment has been to fall in love and be with my husband. I can't tell you how happy he makes me and how much he supports me. I love you, Matt!

So here's to another few great years or more of my SLife.

Cheers - Zoe