Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paper Couture - Coming Soon

Coming Soon, originally uploaded by Paper Couture.

I am drooling already and though you probably know I figured I'd blog it anyway :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Zoe's Quick Pick - Artilleri

Yay for warm cozy sweaters!

I visited Winterstock today and fell in love with Artilleri's Marius knit sweaters! Thus they earn my Quick Pick!

(shown in all 6 available colors - includes Male & Female belly attachments - displayed with green color in above picture)

Winterstock is open now to January 3rd

You can also pick up Artilleri's Winterstock unisex sweater for free along with other extremely cute items!

Artilleri Winterstock Sweater



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Content Theft in Second Life

There are major pushes today to help bring awareness both to residents of Second Life and also to Linden Labs about content theft.

The two major groups asking for awareness especially today are The Artist's Voice and the Step Up campaign.

Beginning this Thursday, November 5th, the Artist's Voice group will be encouraging the community to STOP buying, selling, uploading, shopping, creating, and blogging in SL for 48 hours! Artist's Voice is a group dedicated to transparency and awareness of content theft.

The effect of this protest can be huge. Linden Labs indirectly receives a portion of all sales, because $L are more expensive to purchase than they are to sell back. They also make a huge amount every day on upload fees. If enough people band together for 48 hours and stopped all transactions, it would send a clear message that we will no longer tolerate content theft. We need your help, though, since this will only work if we all work together!

Please, from November 5th through the 6th:
- No buying $L
- No shopping
- No uploading
- No blogging
The Step Up campaign:
Please to remember the 5th of November - it's Step UP! Day!!!!
One of the ways we want to show our strength is by holding Step UP! Day on November 5th.
On that day, we will show our commitment to the campaign through the ribbons, through the boycott of uploads and through celebrations. So plan for your Step UP! party or other event.
Remember the boycott!
On November 5th we also demonstrate our commitment by NOT uploading anything to the grid. Let's send a message to Linden Lab that we've had ENOUGH content theft!
It is a big deal.

I encourage everyone to learn more about both of these pushes today regarding content theft in our SL community.

My two cents:

Not only does it effect the community but it also effects the livelihood of those taking the time to create, sell, and earn a living off of virtual creations for us to enjoy. Am I jealous of their earning potential? Yes, I am at times but I know that I am not putting in the hours behind the work either and that I have a choice to buy or not to buy what they make. I also have the freedom to say if I feel like their asking for too much or too little linden for their items but again - that is my choice and freedom.

Theft just to have a hairstyle or pair of shoes is not right. It isn't allowed in RL and that should be followed the same in SL. Just because it is virtual does not make it "a game" - it is still time and the prices for these items do not cost us what it would in RL because it is virtual.

Another Point of View:

Sasy's blog called SasyPants. Today she writes about her experiences dealing with content theft with the brand, Maitreya. Please read her blog post titled, "I stepped down".

Please take content theft seriously. It can ruin our virtual world.