Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - The Sea Hole


I love stumbling onto new places for my wardrobe.  I found a lot of creative tops, dresses, pants, and more at The Sea Hole.  It is now on my places I will have to visit on a regular basis.  Good quality with cute combinations of color and unique designs to SL made me decide to feature it not only in photography but here on my blog.  I'm wearing left to right: The Sea Hole's Octo dress in gold-teal, Thriftscore Dress in tiffany blue, and Yena BodySuit in Blush.  And unfortunately or not, I'm not the most timely blogger as a sale just ended at their store.  But you're not alone - I was there pre-sale so I paid full price for a lot of clothes!  

Here's a slurl & marketplace link: The Sea Hole Main Store & The Sea Hole Marketplace

Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:
Look 1: 
The Sea Hole's Octo dress in Gold-Teal
Truth's Lucia hair in Dark Blonde
the body co's Orchid 07 Tropez skin with Smart makeup

Look 2:
The Sea Hole's Thriftscore Dress in Tiffany Blue
kik's Nina hair in Snow
the body co's Orchid 07 Tropez skin with Glitter makeup
(image touched in photoshop)

Look 3:
The Sea Hole's Yena BodySuit in Blush
Action's Trudy hair in Coal
the body co's Orchid 07 Tropez skin (no make-up)
(image touched in photoshop)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Zoe Demar's Photography Tips - Drama

Layla3Layla2random Lights, Camera, Action!!

Drama seems to be a common theme for SLers, but the kind of drama doesn't always have to be in the social atmosphere. It can be found in pictures. A good way to create drama is playing off of light and shadow. Somtimes it can be with a crop or even with color. It also can be accomplished with styling to strike a mood.

Never be afraid to play because sometimes what is around a corner is so much more fabulous than what could have previously been imagined.

Yesterday a friend of mine had a fabulous picture but was stuck trying to make it work right in the proper dimensions she needed. Playing with rotation we found the proper fitting that still allowed the picture to sing its full glory. Might not have been what she really wanted but still worked.

Never give up, never stop trying, and leave the social drama at the doorstep.

Love, Zoe