More Than Fashion

What is it?
A new segment to my blog where we get to know what people are wearing out and about doing their own thing but also a bit about what they do in SL.  So much of fashion is personal expression but you can't always tell everything from what they wear.
 How does it work?
Meant to be completely random - I will check to see if you are are online and send a teleport request saying "It's More Than Fashion."  It is meant to be quick so I won't wait long.  Take the teleport - No changing allowed!!  Hop on my pose stand and I'll snap your picture and instruct you what to do next. 
How can I participate?
To get on my list - comment on the blog post you saw with your Second Life name saying that you want to participate.  I will send you a confirmation note-card or IM and add your name to a list.
What happens if I'm busy when the teleport request comes?
If you don't come no worries - but you will be put to the end of the participants list.  This is meant to be fun and different - not something meant to be embarrassing or trying.