Saturday, January 26, 2013

Get your Pink on

Pink, originally uploaded by Zoe Demar.

I really don't think that I need to say anything about this...right? Correct me, if I'm wrong.

<3 Zoe

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Dazzle


Maybe a bit too bright of a background but I love the contrast to the pink and purple.  Not going to say much but definitely inspired by Zaara's new mesh Atiriya jewelry.  She dropped it on me today and all I can say is YUMMY - it comes in 6 stunning color sets (amythest - shown here, carnelian, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, onyx, and turquoise).  Note: This has not yet been released to the public - so keep an eye out on Zaara's blog.

 I totally missed a ton of Maitreya's release but saw this new dress that was just put out called Frenzy.  It was hard to pick just one color!!  Note: I have added some shading to my picture so make sure to try out the demo first!!

The only other really new thing to blog about is the hair I'm wearing by Iruco.  I saw it on another fashion blog a few days/weeks ago and went to try it out.  It is meant for men, but I love messy fro styles like this and had to have it.

I am also wearing the SLink Mesh Hands a must have item in SL, especially if you model or do photography in SL.  I got the fatpack.  I initially forgot to put in the creds on the picture because wearing them seems so natural to me!  As with most sculpted/mesh feet, ears, hands...I do have a bit of a challenge matching the skin takes practice but I didn't post-edit this at all and feel like it matches pretty darn well!

Otherwise I'm wearing a Belleza skin in mocha again - but a different make-up...and the same Insufferable Dastard eyes that I wore in my previous post.

Time for bed!

Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:
DRESS: Maitreya - Frenzy Party Dress in Pink
JEWELRY: Zaara - Atiriya in Amythest & Gold
HAIR: Iruco - Hair 28
SKIN: Belleza - Ava in Mocha 8
EYES & LASHES: .ID. - City Lights in Green & Silhouette - Au Natural (no longer available)
MESH HANDS: SLink - Casual
POSE: Striking Pose (no longer available)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Contour


It is hard to believe that this is my first official post of the new year!!  I guess I've been busy!  Which is true, but I really thought I would have blogged before now.  But enough about that!  First, a warning.  I have added a bit of detail post-editing - when it comes to shadows to this dress that don't naturally occur.  Please try out a demo before purchasing - I don't want to hear any complaints to me or to Micha!  

If you haven't already heard, the Truth District is hosting a sale on their sim (click here for details).   MichaMi's store has a great deal of 50% off!!  I picked up items that I have been eyeing for a bit - including this Lana Brocade Cocktail dress!  It is sooo nice to see mesh creativity with the contours of this stunning cocktail dress.  The structure is very unique to SL and I'm happy to be showing it off for 2013.  Note that this is not the only color/texture option available.  Check out the store for more options.

Another store in Truth District on sale (click here for details) is a jewelry shop called, Cae.  I'll admit that this was my first visit to the store and it is much easier to drop off some linden to try out something new when it is on sale.  I'm very pleased to give Cae's Flourish Necklace a gander, especially with this elegant look.

As far as skin is concerned, as you've most likely heard - Belleza has come out with their latest skin called, Ava.  I'm showing off the Ava Mocha skin with a lip make-up option in Matte.  I'm looking forward to trying out their other skin tones soon - probably in my next blog post!  A bit of insider info...shhhh...for those of you with tangos, be on the lookout for Belleza skin appliers soon!!

Magika released a new hair today called Habit.  I had first checked out the SL Marketplace store, saw this hair, and snatched it up before it was announced!  I'm never that on the ball!  It is a sequel to one of her previous hairs called, stumble, that had a blindfold.  You can't see it in the picture but it has a long loose twist that goes down the middle of the back.  Check out the demo for more detail.  The best thing about Magika, is that for being such great quality the price isn't extreme and she gives you all normal shades in 1 pack.

Eyes - I picked up another pair from Insufferable Dastard's City Lights Eye Collection to match the green in the dress.  Still my favorite, so if you get tired of me mentioning them, too bad!  I'm also wearing my old standard of lashes that are no longer on the grid.

The stellar pose is by my current standard for pose making, Del May.  She has released some new singles as well as a new couple's pose if you haven't checked it out recently.


That's it for now - Hope 2013 is treating you well!


Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:
DRESS: MichaMi - Lana Brocade Cocktail in Palme d’Or
NECKLACE: Cae - Flourish
HAIR: Magika - Habit
SKIN & MAKE-UP: Belleza - Ava in Mocha 5 & Belleza - Ava mocha Matte Lips 0
EYES & LASHES: .ID. - City Lights in Green & Silhouette - Au Natural (no longer available)
POSE: Del May - Composed