Monday, February 23, 2009


Flickr-Buds, originally uploaded by Zoe Demar.

Are You A Fan Of Flickr!?

I spotted this today and thought that it is a cool way to make a piece of art for your SL space or just for fun!

Sign into your flickr account and then check out this link here to make your own flickr buddy art using a screen capture.

I saw this on Anemysk Karu's stream and she saw MiaSnow do it, and I saw her version on her stream. So yes, I'm sure like me, you'll probably do this too! What a cool idea!

Can you find yourself? Make a note on this photo in my flickr stream :)

And of course, there is a Flickr Group where you can post it to here.

TIP: If you're using internet explorer, try to zoom your browser to fit it all into 1 screen and you can also resize your window too.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fashion Relay Challenge

I'm excited to participate in the Fashion Relay Challenge which will start on Monday February 16th. It is a great idea that Sasy Scarborough created which bloggers could sign up for until Feb 11th.

The participating bloggers will put together outfits that integrate an item from the blogger who is on the list before them. I'm number 32 of 35. To see all those participating and the rules, check out Sasy Scarborough's blog, Scarborough Flair by clicking here.

Yay to great ideas! Thx Sasy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar

I want to start by announcing that it is now officially the start of my THIRD year in Second Life!

My husband pointed out how much can change in three years and he is absolutely right! Though a lot has also stayed the same. I won't bore you with my story here.

I'm not doing a special blog or anything - just doing more of the same. I've been taking a little bit of an SL break over the holiday. Now that I have been back I have been wanting to get something blogged. The Superbowl was something I could do quick and easy. I do put a lot of time into my styling and graphics more than my text because I personally am a visual learner. I did however make a little more effort with this post. Typically, I like pictures that speak for themselves. If you want my opinion, I invite you to IM me in-world.

To make-up for being away I have two drastically different outfits.

First up - GRUNGE



The inspiration came first from the wide pants from Barerose. The pants are pulled from the outfit, "Lowrise Heavy Cargo," and is typically teamed up with a tank top variety of shirts. As with all things Barerose, you get a WIDE range of color variety for a fraction of the cost of what the majority are selling one piece of virtual fashion piece.

While at Barerose I purchased quite a few things. One of them included the, "Rolled Up Type B," which does come in a multitude of colors and also a cute heart tank, not pictured here. Instead I replaced the tank with one of my all time favorite Blacklace lingerie pieces called, "Tease," in blue floral. I'm also being a bit of a tease because it is an unreleased item (don't worry it will be released post-fashion show which is this Sunday the 8th of Feb). It is part of my good friend, Mariska's Valentine's Day release.

Its hard to chose what to talk about next the hair, or the shoes!? I'm completely in awe at what is possible to create in SL! Especially after being around to witness the invention of FLEXI in designs! So, I'll go with the hair first since it has more flexi than the shoes.

The hair by Detour definitely stands out but is not for those with only a few lindens in their pockets. It is just under 500L for ONE color of the style. I even turned away the first time I demo'd it months ago! Then yesterday I spotted a picture that Bratty of Aluinn had done and was amazed at how well it photographed. So, yes I'm a glutton for good hair (especially one that photographs well) and picked this piece up called, "Johanna." I loved how the teal highlights made it stand out from my other hair styles and how well it went with the eye shade that I was wearing at the time (and in this style mix).

Now for the athletic heels! Something most likely not to be seen often in the real world, but my fashionista life is in SL, not RL. I love these! I picked up two pairs from Redgrave. It comes in six color variations so you can pick and choose or buy them all. Also by Redgrave is the skin that I am wearing. The skin is Naomi2 in Tan (might not be sold in the store but by special request). I'm also wearing Redgrave eyes from the Vivian skin line in teal green.

The look wouldn't be complete, at least to me, without a good tattoo which is another one of my faves called, "Tumbleweed," from a great tattoo store called, Etchd. They have such a good selection it is hard to pick just one. If you ever see me wearing a tattoo, most likely it will be from here.

Of course with the tattoos I had to be cliche and put on a piercing, but I was already wearing it prior to even piecing this outfit together. You will only be able to see it on the close-up head shot, but its there and gives that edge especially for this style. It is called, Diamond Medusa Piercing, Single. I adjusted it a bit to the side of my mouth instead of where you'll see it as advertised at RaveNation. She has a decent collection of piercings and other items worth taking a gander at.

Last but certainly too cool to be least, are the dual guns by Breach. They have everything for people that are much more into combat than I am, but are still wickedly cool for pulling off a look like this! This is the second pair that I own from Breach called, USP 1.1. They're extremely good about keeping items purchased automatically upgraded.




If you can't tell where the inspiration came from in this next outfit, you're blind or just plain foolin' yourself! The stunning and brilliant shawls by Zaara! Like many of my friends it is hard to pick just one, but I had to do for now with my first color choice of the bright blue with pink floral embroidery patterns called, "Kashmiri". Color is one thing that Zaara is not afraid of in her Indian inspired creations. She recently opened a sim and had a flickr contest to coincide with it (yes, I did participate). The sim is a treat to visit and dance at. The first time I saw Zaara's designs, I was impressed. Her Black Swan creation recently was absolutely stunning and a piece that I am very happy to make a favorite in my collection along with many other fashion pieces. Anyway, I could go on, but the shawl is why I pieced this outfit together.

This was a task because I loved this shawl paired up with another top but it didn't suit other items as I went along. Finally I decided to make it a nice warm winter feel by pulling out the long sweater in Navy by Novocaine. I love the contrast between the two blues. The sweater does come in a variety of colors and you can find a lot of other great styles unique to SL at Novocaine. I am always eying their hair too!

The wool pants that I added into the mix have a wonderfully textured wide leg. They are from LeLukta formally known as Cachet. I will miss the brand name of Cachet, but will get used to learning LeLukta. Though sometimes it can be pricey if you pick up a few items, I tend to repeatedly go back to fill in some gaps in my ever growing inventory. The textures typically meet the high standards that I will gravitate for along with providing classic and trend pieces.

The boots! Talk about eye-candy for the boot lover. Bax has stood out offering very high quality and unique style in SL. I luckily was appointed to help with the vendor picture of her ice skates, which I couldn't get over the detail of! The Patent Black Ankle Boot was an easy pick to dress up the outfit along with keeping it in the winter theme. They're also ultra sexy and I like how they peak out from under the wide legs of the pants.

I think the second thing one will see if not the first in the picture is the hair! It is such a cute vintage style that I had to have it after I first laid eyes on it via a blog on the feeds. I loved how it pops with the skin. It is by Curio. Which also has its own sim that you have to check out if you're a fan of Victorian Mansions. It reminds me a lot of Clue, and I plan to go back often. The style is called, "Gertrude" and comes in all the typical shades and more.

When choosing the skin I wanted to blog one that I hadn't used before and one that you don't see blogged often. Fashionably Dead has been housed on the Tableau sim and is extremely original. If you like Nylon Outfitters, you'll love Fashionably Dead. This skin pops with its blue eye-shadow and pink blushing features against the blue and pink of the shawl. It is what inspired going winter the most and I absolutely adore it with the mix I created here. The skin is part of the, "Noise," collection in the light series called, "Blush Blue."

Last but not least I pulled a usual prim lash style by Celestial Studios with some very ice blue eyes by MMS now LeLutka called, "blue." You can see how they shine in the close-up head shot. I also added the touch of accessory with the, "White Pearl Bauble Flower Ring," by Caroline's.

Thanks for reading! Have something that you would like to see pieced together in one of my style mixes, send me a note card in-world. - Zoe

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Steelers, originally uploaded by Zoe Demar.

Maybe some are fans, some are not but OMG what a game!!

Congrats to the Steelers!!!


Steelers, originally uploaded by Zoe Demar.

For any NFL football fan out there, I wish you a very happy superbowl day. My husband is a HUGE Pittsburg Steelers fan, so thus this image is dedicated to him.