Saturday, November 27, 2010

Zoe's Fashion Feature: Tram


It is so nice that even after years of being in Second Life I can still find something new that I adore!  The newest release from Tram caught my attention but it isn't the first time I have come across the designer!  moca Loup is definitely a designer I will be visiting from now on.    

I bought the Narcissus dress at Designer's United (center picture).  It isn't available for sale in this color but she does have other shades for sale at her main store.  It was an automatic purchase at the time but like many things it gets in my inventory as a "gotta blog about" or "photograph must" and gets a bit lost in the shuffle.  So unfortunately until today I had not yet been to Tram's store.

I picked up the beige colored Piping shirt today (right picture).  I had seen it initially on some blogs here and there and fell in love with the effortless feel.  My favorite fashion pieces in RL or SL will have that type of quality.  I don't think it is something you can produce when trying, but comes naturally with the end design.  In SL's case the flow of the flexi in a skirt.  

Wandering through the store I fell in love with all the pieces for one reason or another but what I like most is the creative and unique looks to the items.  I'm not sure of where she gets her inspiration but I am very excited to see what she'll come out with next.  One of the stand out pieces was the Drape dress (left picture).  This is the first of these types of skirts I have seen and very well crafted with the use of a flexi skirt underneath. 

And a great thing about Trap - they do more than clothes.  There are animations (group gift at the entrance btw), accessories, and shoes!  I'm wearing one of the cool jewelry accessories in two of the pictures called, "classic hair accessory" in yellow.  


Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:

Left Picture
Hair: lamb. - Clover (limited item at 111)
Jewelry: Tram - Classic hair accessory in Yellow
Dress: Tram - Drape dress in Navy
Skin: Tres Blah - Joy (limited item at 111 - sold out)

Center Picture
Hair: elikatira - Season (limited item at 111)
Dress & Hair Accessory: Tram - Narcissus (Designer's United item - no longer available in this shade)
Skin: Tres Blah - Joy (limited item at 111 - sold out)

Right Picture
Hair: lamb. - Clover (limited item at 111)
Jewelry: Tram - Classic hair accessory in Yellow
Dress: Tram - Piping shirt in Beige
Skin: Tres Blah - Joy (limited item at 111 - sold out)

All poses by Di's Opera Poses

Images have undergone some shading, otherwise untouched.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Skipping Stone

to blog I am in a blogging mood this weekend!  This look is inspired by the new hair bases and hairs by Boon.  One of the best hair bases created by a hair creator versus a skin creator.  There are a few different styles available.  I picked up a couple straight off and am looking forward to seeing what will be next.  Oh and if you hurry, you can get 50% off with Boon's sale on their newest releases!

&Bean's Old Bones skin in Rose, which I had potentially used in my last blog post, was my first choice and inspired the rest of the look.  I did decide to add some drama to the look by pulling out an eye make-up tattoo by Kyoot in smokey dark red.  Which brings out Exodi's Zbilja eyes in brown.

Kyoot created this cute top that includes the jewelry textures.  There are a few color options but I went the light pink version.  Self-Evident for it's name is right!  It is a bit revealing on the sides (not shown) so if you're modest, not necessarily the best top for you, but I like it!

I was having a little bit of a hard time deciding on my lower half at this point and was still deciding on some sort of jacket to go with the top.  I scoured Emery and spotted these Denim B-Zip jeans. I really like the bold zippers and deep blue color (not the best pics to show em off, but you get the idea).  I did have quite the time keeping my head straight wandering through Emery.  Please do a store makeover, I felt like I was in a maze.  Love your stuff, Emery, just hard to find what I was originally hunting for.

I've had these new Gos' Urban Boots lined up to do a bit of a military look (I got the fatpack which has all the colors scripted into the boot for easy styling) but with the jeans pulling the look out of what I had originally intended...I went for something a bit more fall.

Which is where last year's Aoharu released Nordic Knit Coat in Gray comes into play.  It really brought a cozy feeling to the look in the end.  Which is something I love about mixing old with new!  Sometimes old doesn't look so "old" if it fits the look!

And the poses by Olive Juice really brought this image to life!  Keep on creating!

to blog


Love, Zoe

PS - Images have not been modified.

Quick Credits
Coat/Sweater: Aoharu - Nordic Knit Coat in Gray

Shirt: Kyoot - Self-Evident Tank in Pink
Jeans: Emery - Denim B-Zip
Boots: Gos - Urban in Stone
Hair: Boon - MKT012 in Blonde with Gathered Raised Hairbase in Blonde
Skin: &Bean - Old Bones in Rosy / Little Brows
Make-up: Kyoot - Smokey / Dark Red
Eyes: Exodi - Zbilja in Brown
Poses: Olive Juice

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - All Dolled Up

Blogged: All Dolled UpWho can resist such a fashionable dress?!  It came into view across my flickr contacts and had to be mine.  It is brand new called Orelle by Tee*fy for winter available in 6 shades, if I recall properly.  Color choices are so difficult sometimes!!  I went with black due to the color of the bow and sparkle in the skirt texture.  Typically you'd see me use either only the top or the skirt, but I really loved the sophisticated feel that the overall design brought to the table.

Stunning, elegant, clean are the three words that I wanted to go for this look.  I pulled out one of the newer 69 hairs called Jessica 2, which I absolutely adore!

I knew I wanted some sort of hair piece.  I was thinking feathers but recalled this hat that was the first piece that brought my attention to the Rozoregalia brand.  The detail in the texture of the sculpted flowers heightens the detail of the overall style.

As for skin, I checked out &Bean but went with Redgrave's Trinity in Tan to warm up the look.  I'm happy to see Redgrave producing skins again!  Also if you haven't checked out the redesign of their build it is fabulous and should stop by to gander.

Heels were easy!  I've wanted to put a look together with Maitreya Gold's Hana for awhile.  They make me want to go dancing.  I would love to find a lovely flamenco dress to pair up with another color in the future.

And just to add a bit of sparkle, although hidden with the pose (by LAP), is the Leather Blossom ring by Paper Couture.

Last but not least, the eyes - which I've used before in other shades is JeJune by Tres Blah, this time in Violet.

Design Tip - always pull in harmony of three.  Silver is found in the hat, heels, and skirt/bow; the tan in the hair, bow, and ring.  Overall not really noticeable, but you'll like it for some reason or another to bring balance to the look.

Blogged: All Dolled Up


Love, Zoe

PS - Images have not been modified

Quick Credits
Dress: Tee*fy - Orelle Dress in Black
Heels: Maitreya Gold - Hana in Silver Patent
Hat: Rozoregalia - Rosenkavalier Black Hat & Hair (shown in non-hair option)
Ring: Paper Couture - Leather Blossom 
Hair: 69 - Jessica 02 in Light Mocha
Skin: Redgrave - Trinity in Tan / Smoky
Eyes: Tres Blah - JeJune in Violet 
Pose: Long Awkward Pose [LAP]

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Sexy

11-12-10-Zoe-Sexy A quick style for today.  I was more in the mood to photoshop than blab, so leaving you with mostly pics and less talk!

Inspiration is the newest skin, Amber, by League and one of the best corsets found on the grid by The Abyss.

Check out the other picture for details!


Love, Zoe

Thank you SLINK!
(hurry up Reek!)

(note images have been edited (shading/highlights) otherwise untouched.)


Quick Credits
Corset: The Abyss - Corset in Red
Leggings: LeLutka - Simp in Black
Heels: N-core - Temptation Xtreme II in Strawberry
Choker: The Abyss - Junkyard Barbed
Hands: SLink - de Jolie Hands Relaxed
Piercing: Zoe’s Nose Piercing - (not available)
Hair: Truth - Mischa Streaked in Raven/Blood
Skin: League - Amber Pale in Pillarbox
Eyes: Ibanez - Ltd Edition Natural in Blue
Dolly Pose Prop: Kari 

Little Bit of Info by Zoe Demar

I worked on adding a new page to my blog regarding my blogging policies.  Blogging takes a lot of time to do.  It really means a lot when a stranger or friend comments in my plurk, blog, flickr, or even in an IM.  Just the other day I got a compliment which feels good.  I do blog for my own rambling mind and joy but always a bonus getting recognized for it too.

I know a lot of people have their own ideas pertaining to their own blogs.  I decided to put my thoughts in order regarding to discussions I have heard mentioned over the years.  Like many, I have my own reservations about what to do and not do but not about to go put my opinions and views on somebody else.  But do hope for ethics and honesty to be used overall.

Check out my blog policies page here


Love, Zoe

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Scottish Dahlia

Blogged: Scottish Dahlia
Sometimes a new find can change everything!  That is what happened in this look that was first inspired by the hair, but then other items crept in that pulled their own tugs to the overall look.

It started with the newest release of hair by lamb called Cinnamon.  The hair is very relaxed and romantic feel to the texture and style of hair.  I really thought about doing a back shot to show off how lovely it is from the back as well as the front.  I picked up both versions, one with bangs (shown) and one with a center part.  I'm loving the newer blonde shade of honeycomb that lamb has added to the blonde pack too (shown).

Originally I was wearing a sweater by LeLutka that will just have to wait for another blog post.   The sweater which I was hunting for a skirt to fit with, turned into this lovely sculpted dress shown in Scottish Dahlia found spontaneously on the marketplace by The Secret Store.  There are 3 other texture versions available that are also stunning.  I asked for hubby's opinion on which one to buy.  Cute shop, n ot a huge selection but am definitely putting on my "must check out again" list.

From there the skin was inspired by my friend Leah plurking about it.  She was happy that it shared her name, Leah.  I'm kinda in a pale mood so decided to pick up a copy for myself.  I've owned a Lara Hurley skin before, but decided not to blog about it due to a lot of people having issues with not only finding the store but not being booted as well.  I don't know if it is still a common occurrence or not, but you've been warned!

Blogged: Scottish Dahlia

The eyes by Ibanez were mentioned in another plurk by Valena.  She was doing a bit of a new look for herself.  I'm picky about eyes but am always happy to find a new store (to me) to talk about.  There were a couple of sets that intrigued me.  This Limited Edition Naturals set sold me the most.  I wasn't digging the size of the iris itself when wearing the eye texture.  So was almost thrown out (btw I think size options for eyes is a good idea).  Then I tried on the prim and found it not as large.  Also something I hadn't really thought about is the texture on prim better than what you can get with typically worn SL textures.  If you check out your clothes if it has both prim and texture parts, the prim textures are much more sharp than what you see on the SL mesh.  This is something that frustrated me with my own SL clothes making in the past.  In photoshop, I could see much more detail.  SL resolution of the mesh dumbed it down a bit.  So having prim eyes would be more detailed.  Something to remember when shopping for eyes!

As for the rest of the look, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for shoes, but didn't want anything to overpower the dress.  I traveled to Maitreya to see if there was anything that I didn't already have sparked my interest.  At first I considered one that I don't currently own, but decided to go with a neutral of IXkin in Champagne.

For accessories, I did think about sunglasses that would be similar to what lamb had used in the ad for the hair, but decided to nix that when I found the dress.  Instead I wanted some sort of organic long necklace.  I went through my inventory finding a couple pieces that would do here and there, but felt like venturing out for options.  I thought of two places, Sigma being one of them.  I had avoided the store, not because I didn't like it, but knew that my pockets would most likely be empty if I went.  I'm happy I did, the sim itself is worth the trip (other than the annoying water fountain sounds).  And there it was, the perfect piece.  Sigma's Deco chain necklace.  I was really intrigued that even though a single change drapes down the front, the fact that it wasn't perfectly centered allowed more for an organic flow.  It is nice to see curves and asymmetric pieces in jewelry.  And that was it, I considered bangles, but went for simplicity and not a lot of bulk.  I really dislike seeing jewelry worn so heavily.

The look being hugely changed based on finding the dress, I decided to name this post after it!
Happy Shopping!

Love, Zoe

Quick Credits

Dress: The Secret Store - Scottish Dahlia
Necklace: Sigma Jewels - Deco Chain in Earth
Heels: Maitreya Gold - IXkin in Champagne-Duo
Hair: lamb - Cinnamon in Honeycomb
Skin: Lara Hurley - Leah in Milky / Smokey1 nude lips gloss + Light eyebrows
Eyes: Ibanez - Ltd Edition Natural in Grey
Pose: On The Cover (no longer available)