Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Double Bit of Style by Zoe Demar & Friend, Emmy Benigni

This bit of style is literally jam packed with fashion! I squeezed all the outfits into my typical format so thus you might want to check out the photos in zoomed view to make out all the brands packed into a total of 4 looks!

I just happened to be at Armidi when I was thinking about an item that I had recently seen blogged about and went to check out the feed. It was then that I noticed that Armidi had finally opened their new website to the public! And low and behold I go to the slurl Shop Armidi location and happen to run into one of my good friends, Emmy Benigni, at the same time. Long story short, we both ended up buying a few items from the site.

Its quite impressive the amount of work that can go into a project like a shopping website and I will say that Armidi definitely lives up to the quality that I have known them for. I think some RL companies could learn a thing or two from their site! I am sure that most shoppers like myself are happy to see some new items hit the virtual world and thus I wanted to do a quick mix-up using the items that Emmy and I purchased. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Thank you Emmy for continuing to be a great friend to talk to and shop with! If you ever meet her, make sure to say hi she is really sweet and funny to boot!

Marco Polo
The inspiration of course has to be the newly released Armidi Polo Dresses

Just because the gown is the focus doesn't mean that you shouldn't accessorise!

*Edit-in* Please note that the Armidi items will not be purchasable on their sim as they want shoppers to register on their new website (linked previously). They do an excellent job of marketing! The items are only available via online at the moment. Please be responsible and read through their terms & conditions and privacy policy before registering.

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar

Ever tried to go with a very limited selection of clothing or shoes for a year or two? I have and I will tell you that its like a major present to finally be with all my belongings again - even if they are old!

I am back from having moved the majority of my belongings from the States into Canada after going through the permanent residency immigration program into Canada. And marriage is supposed to be the quicker way! Do be kind to immigrants, it isn't easy going through the government processes to be where they are now! No wonder so many people do it the illegal way! However, I do believe that everyone should follow laws and act accordingly. If any reader is or knows of someone going through immigration my advice is follow-up, follow-up, and ask a LOT of questions!

Alright enough about me and my real-life baggage, this message has been brought to you by FASHION!

Close-up of Ciel Skin by The Obscene and Essence Eyes by Canimal

Time to hit it back to the basics of a nice transition from fall to winter.

The Inspiration:

The outfit was mainly inspired by the sweater/scarf top by Argrace found at their new sim location. If you haven't visited recently there is a ton of new clothing and hair to chose from as well as some great picture opportunities around the sim. I love the scarf color selections paired up with the different colored sweaters and had a very hard time choosing but decided to go for the white.

The other item of influence has to be the Babyhoney hair by Truth. I love the messy look of the pigtails under the texture/color change hat! Though not his newest release (he released some new stuff today) it still is rather new. I do find that I am seeing Truth hair worn on many peeps lately. I keep spotting hair that I didn't think I had seen! Make sure to check out the ponytail hair section rather than just the up-do area as you will probably find styles that could hit both categories there. Also, if there are any male readers of my blog, I would recommend Truth as a place to get some quality men's hair as well as clothing.


The Rest:

I love these jeans from Decoy! The pockets on the butt are in perfect placement! I own all of the four colors of the 88 style jeans and wear them frequently when not sporting my personal juju faves from Tres Blah. The jeans also feature two prim options or a non-prim system flare version. (prim option worn in picture)

ETD does more than hair! Elika released these trainers awhile back in a wide assortment of colors. Though I picked only brown, I have debated going back for more. They are definitely feminine which is a nice change from the typical sneaks available.

Paper Couture has released their 2008 Fall Collection of goodies available at the Tableau Sim. If you look in my past blogs you will see what a huge fan of all their items especially the jewelry. I like it for its quirky type of style and simple elegance all wrapped into high fashion fun. The Everbloom Ring was the perfect size to add a bit of glam punch or at least a nice mark if you ever happen to get into some fashion drama.

The Obscene is something more new to me on the skin scene. I did like a variety of the make-ups but ended up choosing this one for the pale lip and another which I hope to blog about another time. I do wish that the freckle was an option, but understand if they're going for a trade/beauty mark in the skin scene.

Though I don't have too much say about the eyes as much as I do about the other items found at Canimal. I do like how she uses diversity in the shading to get the overall brown to form a realistic overall appearance. The eyes come free with every skin purchase and I do believe for sale separately as well.

Finally, sometimes a girl needs an extra bit of color on her nails, thus I wanted to pull in a bit more tone by using a flesh shade that I have had for awhile from Adam & Eve.

Thanks for reading and ENJOY STYLING!