Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little bit of style by Zoe Demar in Summer Edge Style

Zoe's Summer Edge Close-up

Sometimes it is nice to go a bit outside the comfort zone to push your look to the edge. Not only can it be artsy but really enjoyable too. I picked up some skins at Curio recently because I wanted to do some more artsy kind of shots and wanted to put a look together a style with it. I decided to go for a bit of beauty edge.

Zoe's Summer Edge Style

The skin is gorgeous. I used to be a Gala wearer way back when but am happy to see Curio offering a great diversity of make-up options for everyone on the grid. With the skin in place I knew I wanted to really do something different. I chose the rainbow 2 make-up in dark because of the awesome creativity and color that makes the eyes pop!

The Cubic Effect mini skirt wrap dress has been a fave of mine for awhile - I have it in a few colors and though I know some have a hard time with the prims not fitting their shapes, I will say that it is doable!! And looks stunning!

I knew that I had to go and pick up Aoharu's Python Gladiator heels for this look. I debated between doing red or black but decided I'm more likely myself to wear the black again. Colorizing the feet of the shoes was easy with the easy to use color hud. I love the toe nail color options too!

*NOTE* As much as I love having prim toes over the SL squished flat feet, just because it matches on your screen does NOT mean it is going to match on others! This is very important if you ever get your picture taken by a photographer - be ready to take more time on either adjusting the color in game with the photographer or having to pay more for adjustment services by the photographer in photo editing.

I chose the black toenails so had to match it up with some PXL Manicure nails in black - mind you these are not prim nails, but just painted on nails via gloves. Hart of PXL has created a huge collection of nail colors and shades.

I knew I wanted to put on some form of necklace for impact and Zaara's Nizam short necklace in white put some elegance in the edge to bring out the beauty of the look. It even had a nice red rope back that I had really wanted in the look and gold to match the buckles on the shoes.

The eyes are a part of the Abyss' new male skin collection called Dave Gear - I choose blue to keep the skin the major highlight of the eyes and to keep it bright.

And last but not least is the Ceria hair by Mirone - yes I highlighted the hair yesterday in my first, "Quick Pick" - but I couldn't resist using another of her styles for this look. Though I'm not one to ever wear my hair this way in RL it doesn't hurt to wear it this way in SL. I love it!

There you have it - my summer edge look! Thanks for reading!

Love, Zoe

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zoe's Quick Pick - Mirone Hair by Miu Edman

"Zoe's Quick Pick" - these blogs will feature an item that I want to give a shout out to.

My first Quick Pick goes to Mirone by Miu Edman for her Faye hair. I love how natural of a shine she has in the texture. I look forward to the new styles that she creates!

Featured: Mirone's Faye in Apricot
Other Credits: Zoe Skin in Light/Matte Pink by Naughty Designs & Zbilja Eyes in Green by Exodi


Love, Zoe

A little bit of style by Zoe Demar - Products Named Zoe

It isn't every day you have something named after you OR have a product that happens to have your name by chance by one of your fave stores.

Leah McCullough in Plurk had peeps sign up their name if they wanted her to use it when naming products for her Naive store and so I put my name in there and it was my turn on the list for one of her designs. It turned into being a very pretty feminine floral dress. But even cooler she did a collaborative effort with Mouse Mimistrobell of Dark Mouse to create matching jewelry. The cake topper was that Maitreya released new hair and one of them is named Zoe. This gave me the idea to blog stuff that had the name Zoe in it - or close to it.

Items Named "Zoe" Style

To start - the inspiration is the very pretty Zoe floral dress by Naive shown in two colors. Blue on the left and Green top on the right.

Hair was the other inspiration with the brand new release of Zoe by Maitreya in Ash Blond.

One of my earliest skins are by Naughty Designs but I didn't own any of the Zoe skin line till yesterday. I picked out the Matte Pink lips skin in light. I still tend to go back to wearing Naughty skin as an old standard as it tends to fit my shape pretty well.

The matching Zoe jewelry by Mouse Mimistrobell of Dark Mouse. I decided to mix up the metals like she does in the bangles from the set. The pendants/gems of the earrings and necklace are color change by touch, so I mixed that up too with green and blue.

The jacket and pants (on the right) are pulled from the Zoe outfit from Icing. Miko named it after me when I won a photography contest back in 2007. That was a really cool part of the prize.

I did find some shoes named Zoe on Xstreetsl, but the Avanti Flats from Celestial Studios were too cute to pass up for the style. I picked them up awhile ago in a couple of color packs.

And last but not least, I ended up not even looking for eyes with my name but at least it has a, "Z" in the name. They are the Zbilja eyes in Green by Exodi that I also blogged with last time.

Items Named "Zoe" - Close up

I would love to see other bloggers do this to see what they have out there in their name. Also if you are a designer with a product named, "Zoe" let me know - curious to see what all is out there!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Zoe