Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Free Flyin'

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It's summertime! I decided to put together a couple looks that lead towards or from the beach. Having spent some time across the globe at some beaches you don't always have the perfect weather to get to the beach without some form of cover.

My first look is inspired by Cynful's Kini in Green with yellow polka dots. Cyn has a new collection of bikinis available in different colors and patterns.

I paired it up with a set of Boardshorts from Reek - also available in a wide varity of colors. The boardshorts also come with an option of with or without prim - the prim/sculpted version is shown here are are very well made and easily adjustable.

Adding to the look, some of Reek's slides for easy walking on the rougher terrain before hitting the beach. They have these slides in a variety of colors as well as with or without socks (something I hope to feature in a later look).

LeLutka's highly detailed sculpted bag complete with draped jacket that is scripted to change to your choice of 4 colors. If you haven't checked out the other new accessories by LeLutka, I really highly recommend it - the detail that they put into their pieces are amazing. One feature I do need to mention is the fact that the bag comes with its own animations with hud (AO).

I adore the bangs that comes with this new style called Deanna by Exile. The whisps along the side are the remnants of the messy bun in the back. I do hope he develops more styles with this bang style.

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The second look was inspired by Boom's Infinity bikini in Hibiscus Brown. Their are multiple ways to purchase from her huge assortment of bikinis. Their are two top styles halter and string (seen here) as well as a variety of bottom styles. Boom has a HUGE collection of all sorts of colors and prints. The prim count in her store took a hit with her offering of choices.

I paired the bikini up with a pair of shorts from a store that I hadn't heard of before called, Zoobong. Takeshi Kiama who I worked with recently for the LE Look shots this month told me about it. They make things mainly for guys but you will find a few items for the females. I really liked their store build too.

The shoelace sandals are from Surf Co. They also are teamed up with the summer festival going on at Tableau. Lots of cute items are out now for the festival if you haven't been yet.

The cute tote bag is by Tres Blah and says "I'm pretty" and "Neato" if you can't tell by the pic. Perfect for carrying a magazine, sunglasses or the all important sunscreen.

Perfect for the beach or swimming pool is the Secret Garden Keys necklace by Glow Studios. Its the one type of accessory that I always take with me when swimming in RL.

A new release from Reek is the hat with hair combo. This one is called Topeka 1 - other variations are also available. I had to go with Topeka because that also happens to be the name of the city capital of my home state of Kansas. The hat also has a variety of scripted options for textures with the leather braid (pictured with white braid texture) and some beads which can't been seen in this shot, but you can check it out at the store. It also has a necktie option that I did not use with this look.

One of the items that I wore with both looks are the realistic eyes by Miriel which are no longer available unfortunately due to her closing up shop awhile back.

The last item that I wanted to share is the Taylor skin by League. I'm extremely pleased with how it looks on my original shape as well as the overall quality. I adore the freckles especially which I'm happy to show off in this look.

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Love, Zoe

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Bold


I am not going to type on this post as most of the brands I'm wearing I have talked about in previous posts. I will point out that I finally have blogged a bit of MichaMi's creations! I've wanted to for awhile because she really follows her own style and she is one of the bloggers that I used to watch constantly on the feeds before she started her shop and still do today.

Blogged: Bold

The one other thing I need to point out is that the hair/hat by Maitreya is the one from LE Look's give away - I believe that it still is available for free - otherwise you can get the same style in a bit different textured hat at Maitreya.


Love, Zoe

It's More Than's who you are - Di Hoorenbeek

It's more than fashion...

Interesting how coincidences happen!  I had been working on a blog post that would feature bold colors when I decided to send a TP to Di Hoorenbeek for this blog when she showed up in this bright yellow dress along with the new Pow LeLutka shoes - same as me! (you'll see what I was wearing in another post)

Victim: Di Hoorenbeek 
Rez-Day: 2/12/2007
Blogged: Di

Di Hoorenbeek (not to be confused with the SL store) is one of those people that I met through plurk and through our common friend, Aleida.  Di has a good calm head on her shoulders and is one of those people I had the right type of vibe with from the get-go.  Di not only is a talented model for various agencies on the grid but talented when it comes to the body sliders.  She loves it so much that she has her own shapes store called, Di's Shape Creations (slurl).  Her shapes are affordable at 400L/shape but you can also request a custom shape for only 2000L.  You might also have seen some of her shapes specific to their skins being sold at Dutch Touch (slurl).

Even if you like to be in your own shape most of the time, it really is a great opportunity to use other shapes in order to see beauty differently.  It can also give you a leg up if you're interested in becoming a model in Second Life - especially when coming from those that have already been successful. A great way to check out Di's shapes is through her flickr.  She has a good eye capturing not only her own avatar but others too!

Do you think her outfit reflects who she is properly??

Blogged: Di

Di you are fabulous in and out!  I appreciated our chat while snapping these photos!

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Love, Zoe

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's More Than's who you are - Rogan Diesel

It's more than fashion...

This is a new segment to my blog - I invite others to participate at random, snap some pictures, and write a bit about who they are behind the fashion. Read details at the end of this entry to see how you may participate!

Victim: Rogan Diesel
Rez Date: 11/16/2008
Blogged: Rogan

Rogan Diesel is the owner and creator of Diesel Works Poses and Animations. If you've read my blog before, you most likely have seen a few of his poses. I first met Rogan after he shot me an IM thanking me for my purchase at his store. Honestly, I do get a little weirded out when people do this, but after talking to him for a bit he turned out to be a decent guy. Now we chat as friends when time allows and occasionally I have modeled for his store ads.

Right now Diesel Works is having a 50% off sale till June 23rd AND a photo contest until July 12th. Check out his blog HERE regarding details of the sale and HERE regarding the contest. Are you a Diesel Works group member? If so, you'll receive an additional 10% off of fatpacks!

If you haven't been to Diesel Works, there is a variety of both male and female poses, props, and animations as well as couple props and poses - my favorite being is bike set which I featured in my blog HERE.

Do you think his outfit reflects who he is properly??

Blogged: Rogan

Thank you Rogan for taking some time to pose for me! It was fun and nice to have you on the other side of the lens for a change!!


Love, Zoe

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A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Miami Heat

Ah, its that time of the year to chill out in the night air. Its been awhile since I visited Florida, but I do remember enjoying the late nights where the heat stuck around while the ocean breeze would continue to blow. I wanted to reflect those memories with this fashion style.

Inspiration for this look was the Maitreya Gold Aequus heels. The striking but simple straps make these heels very sexy and elegant. Like other new releases these shoes feature a sculpted zipper in the back of the heel. They also allow the cuff to be color changed to various shades. I would love that the shoes would come scripted as well but know that would cut the earnings significantly - so that means not likely to happen, but I can dream!

Blogged: Miami Heat

I really wanted to do the heels in teal and looked for a top to match. In the process I put on this older fave, tropical teal shirt, from Artilleri. The teal didn't match up enough so I pulled out the brown that fit in with the tones of the skirt instead and put the cuff color to teal instead.

The second inspiration for this look came from Truth's newest release of Peyton hair. I really enjoy the new streaks that allow for some further customization with color change. I went with the brightest red shade of cranberry along with blonde streaks to reflect a more wild Miami nightlife.

The Larin skirt in ash by Zaara was an easy pick for me, it was kind of random pick that I had decided to stick with once putting it on and became another part of the focus for the look.

Blogged: Miami Heat

To finish off the look I didn't want to go heavy on accessories and once I put on Alienbear's Natasja necklace there was nothing that I felt would be better suited. The flowers reflected that in the tropical shirt perfectly.

The rest of the look goes to LeLutka - featuring their latest skin of Lola in the sunkissed tone. The make-up 6 on the eyes are what sold me with the nice shade of pink and brown. I felt like it really hit with the look I wanted. I was going to use one of the 2.0 pink lipstick layers but ended up snapping the pic in an original viewer. 2.0 still tends to be a big buggy for my full-time use. The shape and lashes are from LeLutka's Eclat Oksana. And to finish it all off the eyes are the reflections glory by LeLutka.

One photo note - I did decide to process these images for fun but please note that all items chosen are of high quality otherwise I would not choose to wear them.


Love, Zoe

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Twist at Z...complete

It's more than fashion...

Introducing a new segment that I'm calling, "It's More Than Fashion...It's who you are," where we get to know what people are wearing out and about doing their own thing but also a bit about what they do in SL. So much of fashion is personal expression but you can't always tell everything from what they wear.

How does it work?
It is meant to be completely random. No changing anything!! If you get a teleport from me, that's it! I'll have you hop on my pose stand and snap pictures of what you're wearing. I'll ask questions about you and put it here in my blog. If you want to be on the list to participate see details HERE.
My first fashion victim is my old and good friend, Foxy Innis who has been managing Crush Row (closing soon) as well as other interests in modeling and shape making. She also put on the the Skin & Shape Expo in 2009. We got to know each other after RPing out some Western characters in Deadwood right before I started up my photography business full-time. Foxy is a sharp witted and delight to be around if you can handle her blunt honesty. She doesn't put up with bullshit and will tell you how it is.

06-08-10-Zoe-Foxy_C 06-08-10-Zoe-Flix_C
Foxy Innis & Flix Saiman

My other fashion victim is a brand new friend I got to know today. Flix Saiman is the owner and creator behind the business, Click. He also does custom builds Click offers highly detailed settings for photographers pro or not. Each set has custom poses to fit the setting as well as related props that can personalize the set to the users' delight.

Flix took some time to show Foxy and I some of his creations. I have to say that I was impressed by what I saw. A lot of detail goes into the creations along with custom poses! The more he showed us the more interested I was in his creations. It really gives a lot of what I have done over the past few years for clients - but fast forwarded. Instead of having to build a set and pick out poses it was already done for me - add models and click!

The sets are great if you're looking for a solid start to doing photography as a pro or even if you want to do some fun pictures with friends. Click's most recent creation is a bar scene with 27 singles poses and 9 couples poses.

Click is also currently offering a photography contest with multiple categories (even one without editing!!). The prizes include straight up linden as well as gift certificates to some awesome pose stores and more. Feel free to check out Click's main store (slurl) for details.

I find contests a good way to get known as a photographer around the grid as well as promotion for the businesses involved. So best of luck to all entries.

Do you think that they reflect who they are properly??

click the pics for details!
06-08-10-Zoe-Foxy 06-08-10-Zoe-Flix

I really hope that this is a way to learn more about fashion in SL as well as what is going on around the grid and the people involved in making this a more rich environment for all!


Love, Zoe

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Street

I was planing on doing a nice elegant style when I stumbled upon a dress but when I was going around to stores looking for a piece to go with it - everything changed. Sey had some new items out for sale and I couldn't turn it down. Awhile ago I picked up a wrap around sculptie plaid shirt. Now they have these hoodies that are flipped open like you've just unzipped it and it has fallen around the waist. Thus my whole inspiration took flight towards a look to fit with it.

Blogged: Street

I knew straight away that I wanted to use the Kass Calypto dirty skin by The Abyss. Abyss skins have been a straight away purchase as I always know they're high quality skins - each one being unique. The skin also goes the best with the shapes that they offer - but I wasn't 100% on the body and ended up modifying a copy of my body shape with the Abyss head.

The challenge I had with the hoodie was that it creates a really heavy midsection and it being a jacket I didn't want to bulk up my top half with another jacket cause well that isn't realistic. So I needed to have my bottom half hold up the weight and finding pants that are still stylish without being the "in" legging style wasn't gonna fly. It took awhile but I pulled out a set of pants that I've had for awhile from Bijou. They're from an outfit called Exceed and typically go with a nice tank top layered outfit which could also fit with the look. Instead I choose to go another route because I like to mix it up. One feature that I did like by using these pants was no need for adding socks because it looks like they're already there but it is just part of the pants.

Did I say challenge? Because the footwear also was a bit of one for me as I was kinda thinking about showing off the newest Maitreya Gold pair but knew that I was going in another direction and thus pulled out some boots from Abyss but they weren't fitting the bill. I remembered seeing these League High-Tops when I had been in their store for good pants and went back to pick them up. What is awesome is the all the options that they are scripted with. You can choose from 10 textures for the buttons that are found on the side of the heel. The back of the heel has 5 graphical texture options. There are 2 options for sole color. And to top it all off you can choose any color you want for the laces, shoe sides, toe tip, heel, and lace rings. Other shoe options include size, shine, and glow. I decided to match it up to the hoodie in a nice brown shade for the main sides and laces. The other bonus was they were just the right height that I really needed to pull of the right form.

As for the upper half - originally I had picked out a tank that I have liked for a long time from League but switched it up to this Abyss USA t-shirt. I love the hem on to show off a bit more tummy rather than the standard horizontal. Gives it that edge that I wanted with the look.

I then felt I needed something else, and though I typically try to use my own thoughts ideas for inspiration - the store poster promoting the Sey hoodie used suspenders and thus out I pulled some that I had from League and really liked how it looked.

Blogged: Street

As far as hair, I went straight to my 69 hair collection and played with two styles picking this one out the Echo style in the end. My hubby said that it reminded him of Kate from Lost - I didn't complain one bit with that comment as I really like her look.

The lashes and eyes are both from Abyss' Opium avatar which includes the shirt as well as more awesome quality items. A bit pricey but worth it for everything it includes.

Feel free to comment to provide feedback or if you like the look. Comments are moderated to avoid auto-bot spamming but all comments are approved if from a real person.


Love, Zoe

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Petal

First Life is complicated sometimes. It has been an interesting year to say the least for me and thus it took me away from my Second Life. I tend to revamp what I do in SL to keep it interesting and right now I'm not sure what that is. All I know is that I'm gonna just do what I feel like doing and take it day to day. Blogging is something I like to do so not stopping this anytime soon. I blog what I like and what inspires me in the moment.


This look was inspired by the Tourist Jacket by I have had the red one and with the sale going on now I picked up the brown shade. If I could make sculpties I would want to create this jacket. I love the ruffle detailing. Kind of a mix of military style with a feminine edge.

I needed some hair that was off the shoulder to show the jacket collar off fully and decided to go with the always creative and fresh hair by lamb called Ambrosia. With the hot summer days I would wear my hair up like this if I took the time. It makes me want to sit in front of a fan on the porch down in Louisiana or something.

The rest of the outfit is all Maitreya. I had picked up the girdle, bodysuit, and stockings when I was shopping for an outfit to model in for a friend's store. I'm a loyal and huge fan of Maitreya. Maitreya is modern and high quality. I know word was getting around showing the RL inspiration for these shoes but one thing I have learned is in copyright you can't place that on a shape. However, if that shape has a distinct print - that print could be copyrighted - so big difference if you are photo sourcing versus creating based on shape. My favorite part is the zipper. I admire those that can sculpt such detail (note the theme here with the jacket and now shoes). I do have to make a note here and thank designers that do included all layers in their items - this outfit would not have been possible otherwise.


The skin is the newest release by Redgrave called Zuri. I love the make-up to match in the color of the bodysuit. And I'm gonna go out on a limb a bit and speak more of copyright - I'm not a huge fan of photo sourcing if one does not have permission to do so. I'm not slandering Redgrave because a lot of people photo source using proper sources and I don't have any facts to be a judge of their process without having talked to the creators. So no torch lighting here, I did buy the skin didn't I? I do hope that all are reputable when using photo sources. I will have to give admiration to Redgrave for I feel like they changed the way of creating and selling skins in Second Life.

Finally the eyes are by The Abyss. They sell with one of their male skins called Dave Gears but heck eyes are eyes and aren't gender specific last I looked. I liked the soft hue that they create with the overall look.

I hope that you enjoy my look and appreciate any feedback. I know that copyright is a long and sometimes touchy subject. I'm no expert so I speak using my own opinion and knowledge and am always open for discussion.


Love, Zoe