Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar in MADNESS


I checked out the Cinema event finally this weekend.  I had eyed Zaara's Ritika mesh dress from afar and found that my favorite item of the fair and thus decided to feature it in this blog post.  It is located in the Romance section of Cinema.  It is available currently in three shades.  I went with pink shade.  I love the details with the string on the shoulders with the little beads.  So well crafted!  Can't wait for more Zaara mesh!

I could have easily just left on the vive9 skin that I had been wearing but opted for something different.  I decided that I hadn't ever blogged the Bella skin by Redgrave that I picked up ages ago.  I wasn't really sure if I liked it as more of a photo skin or something I could wear around - especially since it is based on Twilight's Bella.  But I decided to give it a go.  I did have to adjust my shape slightly regarding the nose - otherwise it just looked too thin and I didn't want to change complete to actually become "bella" as the shape allows.  I also stuck with the gentle version of the lashes that came with the pack.

As far as hair, I wanted something that wouldn't overpower the dress straps and would kind of reflect that feeling of Bella from Twilight.  Burley's Julia hair won out with this chunky loose braid.

I really felt after I had the pose picked out that I wanted some nails, I decided that I didn't want to just pull something out of my inventory and found this pack on the SL Marketplace by Mandala.  I am happy with the nails but found that due to it being a unisex pack the HUD didn't come with a lot of nice soft pink selections - and I didn't want to have a longer nail on.  I kinda like the short look right now vs some daggers on the ends of the fingers.  So I choose a nude/pink with french tip feature.  I felt like editing the color but decided to leave it alone.

The skin pack I got came with the eyes, but I didn't really like them 100% so I went to the Insufferable Dastard store and browsed the brown shades she has available.  I honestly felt like a lot of the browns were too washed out until I spotted the ultimate pack in brown.  I ended up going with the faded brown to give more of an unnatural sense to the persona I wanted to pull off.  Especially calling this picture Madness based off of Muses' new album - The 2nd Law.

The pose by Del May felt like the perfect awkward beauty that I wanted to bring to this picture.  It's called, "Just got up male" - which totally works even if it is a male pose.  I find that I can buy male or female and make it work.  


Love, Zoe 

Quick Credits:
DRESS: Zaara - Ritika in Bloom 
HAIR: Burley - Julia in Dark Brown 06
SKIN: Redgrave - Bella in Pale Wedding
NAILS: Mandala - Short Unisex
TEETH: PXL - OpenMouth PRO Teeth
EYES: .ID. - Ultimate in Faded Brown
LASHES: Redgrave - 16 Gentle
POSE: Del May - Just got up male

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar : Kokomo


First all, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!!  And now that it is getting more chilly outside, it's time to think about winter hopping to someplace Kokomo!  I honestly haven't ever been to the South Pacific but I have a few family and friends that have.  

When Maitreya released this Mignon dress awhile back, all I could think of was some dark skinned beauty on the beaches somewhere tropical.  I'm a pale gal in RL but always dreamed of being darker skinned.  Thus in SL I can live that out a bit.  

I'm also finally showing off one of the fade hair colors in this Havana hair by Truth as well as another one of Pink Fuel's Kumi skins in a stunning purple eye shadow.  I kept the lips natural to keep the look laid back and beach worthy.  Easy - Breezy - Covergirl, anyone?

This pose by Del May is called Grown Up - It is one of my all time favorite poses of all time because it really strikes a presence with all the right curves without trying too hard.  I tend to use it often - I'm sure if you glance through my flickr pics you'll see it.


Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:
DRESS: Maitreya - Mignon in Lust
HAIR: Truth - Havana in Frappuccino (fades)
SKIN: Pink Fuel - Kumi in Java Purple
TEETH: PXL - OpenMouth PRO Teeth
EYES: .ID. -  Light Sensitive in Dark Brown
LASHES: Silhouette - Au Natural (no longer available)
POSE: Del May - Grown Up


Feeling a bit like a spy today, especially listening to the new bond song, Skyfall by Adele.  I've also been a bit influenced by the black widow look of Scarlett Johansson from the movie Avengers...even if in reality the dress by Maitreya is definitely the influence of Audrey Hepburn hence the name. 

I had fun photoshopping and otherwise will let the image/look stand for itself.


Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:
DRESS: Maitreya - Audrey 
HAIR: Dura - 31 in Chocolate
SKIN: Pink Fuel - Kumi in Hazel Defined
MAKE-UP: Pink Fuel - Lip Tint in Nude
TEETH: PXL - OpenMouth PRO Teeth
EYES: .ID. - Shine in Deep Gray
LASHES: Silhouette - Au Natural (no longer available)
POSE: Glitterati

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar : Groove


I love the fact that in my previous post I talk about how I'm no longer going to show shoes...I think that was the cue for Gospel of GOS to make some boots...because he did!!  Unfortunately I do not have that much power to make that happen every time so that means we'll just have to be patient for the next release.  I'm sure you'll be seeing these all over the blogs if you haven't already.  My favorite of the two releases are the hunter ankle boots shown here in tan.  They are available in 6 shades and you can also change the metal buckles to be silver or gold.  I love all the impeccable detail in the textures so be sure to go give them a try as well as their calf length version which I'm sure I'll use in a future blog post.

I really didn't want to do the standard black and fell in love with the tan from the posts.  I'm kinda going for an equestrian look but in a modern living twist. I had checked out a few top ideas but ended up going with the Not So Bad dress, Maud, in white and pairing it up with the optional Maud belt (sold separately).

I was already wearing the newest Truth hair, Swift, before I started putting together this look and definitely knew it would stay - it's a keeper!  If you don't know I am a Taylor Swift fan, so this was easy.  It has the whisps I adore and stunning thick bangs.  I hope to show off some of the new fade styles Truth has released but I decided to stick with au natural, cocoa brown.

To keep that equestrian feel, the look cried out for leggings, but again I didn't want to just go the typical black route and instead decided to bring out the violet Maitreya tights.  Mind you I did photoshop this picture and blended the seams of the tights a bit.

As for accessories, the Jackie O glasses by Maitreya was something I was already wearing and decided to stick with.  Gold was the theme of the look so I paired it up with some onyx Zaara earrings and ring.  Note the power of sunglasses, black stones in the ring, and black stones in the earrings.  Odd numbers are always better in design and also can be in fashion.

As far as skin/make-up/teeth - partially because I was lazy and partially because I really like how it turned out in the previous post.  I eliminated listing all the eye make-up/lashes/eyes to save some room in my listing because you can't really see them that well anyway.

The pose is by TorridWear - which would be no longer available as she closed up shop (insert sad face here).


Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:

DRESS + BELT: Not So Bad - Maud in White with Belt
TIGHTS: Maitreya - Allure in Violet
BOOTS: Gos - Hunter in Tan
SUNGLASSES: Maitreya - Jackie O 
JEWELRY: Zaara - Trusha Ring in Gold + Zaara - Anaya Onyx Earrings in Gold
HAIR: Truth  - Swift in Cocoa
SKIN: Vive9 - Maliah in SPF 306 Base
MAKE-UP: Vive Nine - Deep Blush + Vive Nine - Extreme Freckles
TEETH: PXL - OpenMouth PRO Teeth
POSE: TorridWear


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar: October


More yum to share - I guess I'm just in a photo mood.  I've decided to stop showing off shoes so much because I tend to go for old faves until I see something that really strikes me...then I'll feature shoes again.  But I have so much trouble finding the right shade sometimes that I've decided to not stress out so much about it and focus more on other things.

Sometimes I hear that bloggers say they love things too much - but sometimes it just can't be helped.  I LOVE this look!  I loved yesterdays look...and I'm sure I'll love tomorrow's look too.  But I adore this top that erratic just released at the Fameshed event.  A co-worker of mine wore something similar to it last week but it didn't have quite the contrast that this yellow brings to the table.  It's an off the shoulder look and the color blocking that makes me flail all over it.  There is also a cool zipper detail in the back too!  They have different color options but something about this one stood out to me.

I went through my mesh collection of pants and pulled out these Maitreya leggings that I've had for awhile.  I had thought I had already used them for a look, but didn't see it - at least not in my blog collection so I'm pulling it out for this.  I really like the teal metalic blue sheen with the sweater to make a nice color blend.

I had previously checked out the Vive9 skin, Maliah, but I originally wasn't sold.  I tried on the mid-tones first and really wasn't feeling it.  I had picked up the darker tones but hadn't tried them out until today.  I really fell for this SPF 306.  And I love the facial freckle/beauty mark options.  It comes with all the eyebrow shades as well as cat eyeliner that I am wearing over another tattoo layer of their mineral eye shadows.  I also decided to put on the deep blush layer that also comes with the skin.

As far as the teeth - that is Hart's doing over at PXL - go check them out - they're fabulous!!!!  I've been using them repeatedly with my pictures lately.  The best thing is - works with any skin since it is something that stands alone.  AND if you angle certain ways even the bottom teeth show appropriately too!  Totally worth the linden!

As for hair, I went checking out exile and oh em gee (omg)...I adore the whispiness to it..and yes I'm making up words for fun.  And the tone - it feels really realistic and I think it matches well with the skin tone.  I can't imagine the maintenance it would take to have hair this long.  My own hair is a decent length and the tangles I get make me want to hire somebody to brush my hair...yes, some days I'm just that lazy.

That about wraps it up, other than again crediting my standard - Insufferable Dastard for eyes.  I'm also using a Maitreya pose that is still available to buy at the store.  I was asked about some pose stores today in a flickr mail and it got me thinking how I wish Maitreya would release some more poses...but if it was poses vs. other things like clothing or shoes...I'd prefer the latter.


Love, Zoe

*note - image has been photoshopped*

Quick Credits:
SWEATER: Erratic - Cory in Color Block 2
PANTS: Maitreya - Leather Legging in Teal
HAIR: Exile - Release Me in Fawn
SKIN: Vive9 - Maliah in SPF 306 Base
MAKE-UP: Vive Nine - Deep Blush, Vive Nine - Mineral Eyeshadow in Twinks, Vive Nine - Cat Liner, Vive Nine - Extreme Freckles
TEETH: .PXL - OpenMouth PRO Teeth
EYES: .ID. - Shine in Deep Gray
LASHES: Silhouette - Au Natural (no longer available)
POSE: Maitreya

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar: Diva


Yummy new hair by Burley!  If you tried to go to the store today like I did and found disappointment of not being able to, Bella has put the hairs up on the SL Marketplace due to the sim issues.  So pick up a demo, choose your color and buy!  

I felt very bond girl esc in the hair with this gorg leather dress by MichaMi.  I did have fun photoshopping this pic, so the dress is a little bit more black here than my actual pic in my typical lighting settings.  That's one difficulty with Second Life, due to lighting, graphics cards, and monitors...what you see isn't going to be what somebody else sees.  Thus is life!  But the mesh dress is TO DIE FOR!!  I do hope that Milla will do the same dress with more of a cut in the front yum!

The lip (and eyebrow but can't see it due to the bangs) piercing is by Pekka and comes out when I need just an extra touch of rebel.  

Thanks to Hart of PXL I received a fatpack of the Faith skin for winning his latest skin contest!  I was really shocked to see that I won considering I had won another photo contest back in the day.  I've been having fun trying out some looks.  It really is a fab skin and Hart and even myself have improved over the years!  I did add the rose lip make-up by PXL too. 

I did mix it up a bit by adding some eyeliner to the look - which unfortunately can't really be seen, but I can still credit it.  Vive Nine put out a group gift of eyeliner make-ups.  I went with black for a classic dramatic look paired up with my fave lashes that are unfortunately no longer available by Silhouette.

As for eyes I am sticking with my current standard by Insufferable Dastard.  They're naturally stunning! 

As for poses, I miss TorridWear!!!!! I'm not sure if Torrid still has them for sale anywhere but ya still some of my fave of all time poses are made by her. Nuff said.


Love, Zoe

*note image has been photoshopped*

Quick Credits:
DRESS: MichaMi - Hedda Leather Dress in Black
JEWELRY: Pekka - Ank Piercing
HAIR: Burley - Vanessa in Blonde 01
SKIN: PXL - Faith Natural NE MEB C2
MAKE-UP: PXL - Faith Rose Lips Vive Nine - Full Liner in Black (eyes)
EYES: .ID. - Shine in Deep Gray
LASHES: Silhouette - Au Natural (no longer available)
POSE: TorridWear