Blog Policies

It takes a lot of time and dedication to do a blog post and with that I have grown to have guidelines on how I blog.  First and foremost, I have to like what I blog.  I'm pretty picky when it comes to the items I select to use in my styles.  I'm open to see or try new things but it has to work with the style I'm creating.

I'm not going to blog the most recent items all the time.  I love to mix old with new.  I will rarely blog something not readily available to purchase if I can help it.  From experience it is difficult to see something and not be able to have it.  I will always point it out if I do know it is not.  I'm not perfect and specials come and go, please point it out and I will make a note of it for future readers.

Picking out the perfect look sometimes is very difficult to show off without the proper poses and it takes awhile to pick out the right ones.  I may not get the exact pose used mentioned but I will say the store.  I also mention everything pictured including eyes, skin, and hair.  The only times when I might not, is when I'm doing a feature blog.

When it comes to editing my blog pictures, I will not overly edit, if I edit at all.  More recently I have stated if I have edited the picture or not.  My typical style is a gray background, but lately I have tried to go on location to get the shot.  A lot depends on time.

I am open to receiving items from designers or going to check out their store for items, but there is no guarantee I will use it as quickly as they may like or use it at all.  I'm honest, if I find there is something I would like to see changed about the item, I'll say it.  I do know the difference between constructive criticism and bad mouthing.  I will do my best to contact a creator/designer if I do notice something extreme.  

I'm not one to mark if something is given to me or not.  I shop a lot.  I did not create this blog to receive free items but out of the love of putting together looks and appreciating the art of creations of SL.  I rarely ask a designer for an item mostly because I don't like to wait.  I have asked because I was a bit short on linden or if I planned on doing more of a feature on the item and wanted to coordinate with the designer.  Also, it will only be me doing the asking.  If that ever changes, you will see it listed here.

My slurl policy might be changing soon.  I'm finding the 2.0 viewer search a bit more broad and harder to get to the store.  I'll most likely create a separate page listing out all the stores used in my blog.

Questions? Email Zoe at Zoe[dot]Demar[at]gmail[dot]com