Friday, April 17, 2009

PXL's Grace in Fair Skin

PXL's Grace in Fair Skin, originally uploaded by Zoe Demar.


and that's all I'm posting!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tidbits when it comes to Modeling and Agencies in Second Life

Modeling is a lot of work for not a lot of linden. Yes, there are a lot of avatars looking to be models and a lot of agencies hiring or educating models. I personally have been involved in a lot of aspects of modeling including agencies, pageants, contests, etc. I've had a lot of good and bad experiences.

So why am I bringing this up? Alaska Metropolitan posted a blog post regarding her experiences running the Metro agency which she closed down awhile ago. I was not a part of the Metro models but I liked what she had to say. I agree with pretty much everything she wrote and thus I wanted to give any readers that are interested a quick link over to her blog post - click here.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fashionable Relay Challenge #31

YAY - Fashionable Relay Challenge - I'm very pleased to participate and want to send a shout out of thanks to Sasy Scarborough for the idea and organization of this relay!

Who knew that yesterday I would receive the baton on the same day that I had RL surgery. Lucky for me I'm not in much pain and am able to still hold the baton, though maybe a bit slow and easy going.

Thank you to the lovely Cajsa Lilliehook for her post #30 on It's Only Fashion blog. I decided to go with a store that I hadn't been to before where Cajsa got her pants. I decided to stick with the "bloody" red and form a whole new twist to the punk rocker style pants that they are.

04-09-09 Zoe Posh (corrected "Eyes")

I'm calling this look Posh Chic Rock. Starting with the low rise striped pants in blood from Fear & Clothing by Damon Dollinger. I wanted to take these red and black stripes to a new level.
The first thing I pulled was immediately the sequin tank top in pewter by Tuli that would make the look stand out from the crowd. It is one of her newer releases in clothing that I grabbed while in attendance at the recently clothing fair for RFL.

I wanted some sort of jacket, I was thinking of a nice jean jacket but to get it to go chic would need something different. I pulled an oldie but a greatie from my inventory collection - the dictator shrug in black by Digit Darkes.

I had the most difficulty with what to do next. I wanted to put a skirt over the pants a but, something wild and funky without taking out the whole pant. I initially pulled an old Canimal skirt but it is no longer available and is part of a full outfit which goes against the rules of this relay. Instead I went shopping back at Digit Darkes where I knew I had seen this tulle skirt from another excursion. I did a mod by making a copy and removing the front prims to make it part and then raised it a bit higher on my avatar to make it look like it was attached to the shrug jacket.

Next I pulled out the hair that I knew would turn the look more chic - if you're a fashion feed browser I'm sure you've seen this hair before from VW (VINTAGEwear) by Vintage McMillan called Pushed and Shoved.

Shoes were next and not so easy either. At first I tried boots but it wasn't doing it for me and making the outfit too black heavy. As soon as I put on the frenzy banana shoes in black by Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya it was perfect!

As for accessories, it was pretty easy to pull the look off. I added the studded belt in black by Trinitee Trilam of Refuge. A menu controlled color change skull flower by Antonia Marat of Artilleri. And something not often seen in world, glasses hanging from a necklace (GH n68 in Red) that I picked up awhile back from Ottico by Youki Rau.

As for skin, I wanted to show off one the newest releases from Mayden Ushimawa of Mayden Couture, it is called Lilith N5. And the easter lilac eyes are freebies from Lano Ling of Poetic Colors which if you're quick enough you can get them as I did from the Bunny Hop hunt #011. And last but not least, the tattoo is something that I am commonly wearing these days called Ivy 1 by Kuja Akina of The Obscene.

Posh Chic Rock Face

Thanks for checking out my "little bit of style" here at Z...Complete. I now toss the baton over to Nieve Thor and her blog, Journey to be SL model. Good luck, happy styling, and hope you have fun!

If you want to check out all the blogs participating or read the blogs in sequence check out Sasy Scarborough's blog the Scarborough Flair


Sunday, April 5, 2009


psst, originally uploaded by Zoe Demar.

Don't you hate it when you miss a group notice!?!? It drives me bonkers it happens so often.

So I snapped a pic to share that the new LeLutka hair is now out! I think Sofia is my Favorite style of the bunch, but there are definitely more worth checking out.


LeLutka Beaute, LeLutka (246, 128, 23) or