Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A little bit of style by Zoe Demar - Products Named Zoe

It isn't every day you have something named after you OR have a product that happens to have your name by chance by one of your fave stores.

Leah McCullough in Plurk had peeps sign up their name if they wanted her to use it when naming products for her Naive store and so I put my name in there and it was my turn on the list for one of her designs. It turned into being a very pretty feminine floral dress. But even cooler she did a collaborative effort with Mouse Mimistrobell of Dark Mouse to create matching jewelry. The cake topper was that Maitreya released new hair and one of them is named Zoe. This gave me the idea to blog stuff that had the name Zoe in it - or close to it.

Items Named "Zoe" Style

To start - the inspiration is the very pretty Zoe floral dress by Naive shown in two colors. Blue on the left and Green top on the right.

Hair was the other inspiration with the brand new release of Zoe by Maitreya in Ash Blond.

One of my earliest skins are by Naughty Designs but I didn't own any of the Zoe skin line till yesterday. I picked out the Matte Pink lips skin in light. I still tend to go back to wearing Naughty skin as an old standard as it tends to fit my shape pretty well.

The matching Zoe jewelry by Mouse Mimistrobell of Dark Mouse. I decided to mix up the metals like she does in the bangles from the set. The pendants/gems of the earrings and necklace are color change by touch, so I mixed that up too with green and blue.

The jacket and pants (on the right) are pulled from the Zoe outfit from Icing. Miko named it after me when I won a photography contest back in 2007. That was a really cool part of the prize.

I did find some shoes named Zoe on Xstreetsl, but the Avanti Flats from Celestial Studios were too cute to pass up for the style. I picked them up awhile ago in a couple of color packs.

And last but not least, I ended up not even looking for eyes with my name but at least it has a, "Z" in the name. They are the Zbilja eyes in Green by Exodi that I also blogged with last time.

Items Named "Zoe" - Close up

I would love to see other bloggers do this to see what they have out there in their name. Also if you are a designer with a product named, "Zoe" let me know - curious to see what all is out there!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Zoe

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Stacie said...

Loved the post...the Zoe hairstyle looks so great on you! :)