Sunday, January 17, 2010

Niavi is Offically Open!

It brings me much joy to say that I finally have a fashion store in Second Life - something that I wanted to do but had so many personal things holding me back and talking myself out of it. Today is an end to that hill!

Niavi Logo

I have been designing and editing between photography projects and real life events to finally get to the grand opening of Niavi. I do hope you enjoy the designs that I have created and will join me on the ride to more discoveries of design in the future!

Please check out the following bloggers whom I have had the pleasure of knowing over my time here in Second Life as they had an opportunity to check out my current creations:

Thank you ladies for you creative and unique ways to bring my designs to life! I hope to share more of what my other friends do with my creations and will hope to have time to show some of my own!

Click here to Visit Niavi and the other wonderful stores at Alite Mall

Zoe Demar & Niavi Toxx

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Sasy Scarborough said...

congratulations Zoe, your talent has always been an inspiration in Second Life, and I wish you all the success that I and I am positive many others know you deserve.