Friday, September 3, 2010

Hair Fair 2010 - Demo Group

Hair-Fair-2010-blogYou can smell the new prims in the air...okay maybe not but there certainly is a lot of newness that has been building in anticipation at this year's Hair Fair.

This morning I myself couldn't miss going in to get a little bit of a peek before work and now that I'm home I really wish I could have times for a few laps around the sims before sleep overcomes me.  I doubt that's going to happen - but as for now I do encourage you all to join the Hair Fair DEMO Group - (look it up in search) this will certainly cut down on lag of roaming if you have an idea in mind already to what you want to go for.

Designers weren't allowed to put out demos until today and there has been a slew full!  Yes, my messages capped - but the best thing is that it is a linden group and you can retrieve the demos from notices.

As far as my blogging - I do hope to give a fair representation of hairstyles that are available from a variety of stores.  There are many people blogging - so I highly encourage you to check the feeds regularly to perhaps catch a glimpse of styles you might have missed.

That's all for now!  Enjoy!

Love, Zoe

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