Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Airy


This look started with the new Zarra's Classic Jeans.  I decided to choose white because I've always liked the look and also those new white watches are currently in style, even if I decided not to go with one.

I'm in awe of Maitreya's latest release of Allegre heels and have been prouncing around in them a lot!  Especially with the multiple color options you can choose with the straps, easy to match to whatever you're wearing.

The Broderie Anglais Blouse by League has the right amount of delicate touches with cuteness that I felt worked for a relaxing summer feel.  I picked it up before I put this look together and am grateful that I choose off-white.

!lamb released the Wild Thing styled in one of her new colors called Washed Out for 50L Fridays - I haven't been the craziest about the colors but it grew on me especially with this look.

I adore this Bunny Bag that I picked up during the seasons hunt by TokiD.  Including it in the look brings is the whimsy that I like to bring.  I also think it is so creative! 

Meil's Friendo bracelet - first I love the "friendo" name, though most likely not to be literally from the movie, No Country For Old Men, I still will giggle.  The Hipster Peepers, glasses, are also by Meil - a 50L Friday buy.  If you haven't checked out her selection, you're missing out!  By this point she has quite a few pieces varying in designs that still captures her creative style. 

Skin choice for me was up in the air, I browsed through my inventory and remembered this newer Dutch Touch release called RooS - found this popping blue make-up (Nr 2) and it stuck!  

Insufferable Dastard, my now eye of choice released new eyes called Mirror.  I'm featuring thye Blue-Green shade style and most likely you'll be seeing more soon!

The poses I used for these pics are by LAP aka Long Awkward Pose - she recently made some poses for longer hair so that they drape and not poke in and out of your chest.  Check them out when you shop.

So that's my look pictured in my new skybox that I plan to shoot my blog pics in from now on.  Funny how the colors also matched my look!


Love, Zoe


Anonymous said...

Love the photography! And cute styling! E

Zoe Demar said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Such a cute outfit!! I loved hearing how you put the outfit together, very insightful. =)