Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Rumour Has It


Lots and lots of stuff going on right fair, collabor88, one voice...

I don't tend to blog about events or even the newest thing out there but rather just take my time and do a mix up of things that I like that maybe you'll like too.  But sometimes when I have the time, it all comes together.  That's what happened with this look.  

The shorts were dropped on me by Toki-Doki's creator, Maya Levane.  I wasn't familiar with Maya's work, but that doesn't stop me from checking her creations out.  Mind you, I only blog what I like - given or not.  I fell in love with these shorts.  The colors and the pattern isn't something I have seen on the market, so that became my base.  They are mesh, and come in the standard sizing.  

I needed a top to go with it.  I've been in a yellow and brown buying spree lately and when I saw this mesh top by Whippet & Buck at Collabor88 - I knew that it would work perfectly!  It took some sizing play...I had to make sure that the top would fit over the shorts without having peek through problems but was able to make it happen in the end with the right mix of a larger top and smaller shorts.

I decided to go with using Linnea skin from LAQ.  I went for the natural look even though I had a few options to go with.  I tend to not guzzy up much in RL and like my SL to reflect that.  I hope to do another blog using her Elena skin that Mallory has out at Gala's fundraiser event of One Voice.  

For the hair...I just had to have the latest Truth hair, Aurora.  There's just something about it that called my name when I saw it.  I love how much he has grown in his craft over the years and am amazed how many hairs he tends to crank out on a regular basis.  That is not an easy task!  BY THE WAY - if you already have this hair and the HUD doesn't work - check out  He's posted a fix to this.  Fortunately for me, my hud worked fine.

For eyes, I kept my old standard from Insufferable Dastard.  I am always eye hunting but sometimes I get lazy and just go with quality that works.  

I think that's about it!  I do hope to have more time to show off some of the other items that I've picked up recently!


Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:
TOP: Whippet & Buck - Sand Island Camisole in Wood
SHORTS: Toki Doki - Cocoro Shorts in Earth
HAIR: Truth - Aurora w/Roots in Caramel 
SKIN: LAQ - Linnea in Peach 01
EYES: Insufferable Dastard - Shine Eyes in Deep Gray
POSE: Del May

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