Sunday, June 28, 2009

A little bit of style by Zoe Demar in "Not Ready for Summer, Spring"

Hello! I dunno about you but I'm not a big fan of the heat. I'm one that would like for there to be Winter, Spring, and Fall instead of any summer at all! I had fun styling again and since I couldn't sleep - I decided to put another outfit mix-up together. It all started with roaming my folder known as separates.

For awhile I have been sorting items by brands which I tend to remember more easily who created what. I used to do it more by category - IE shorts, shirts, pant outfits. But due to lack of time overall I never ended up resorting my separates' folder so I was determined to put a look together based on that. Well, maybe not the full look but at least the inspiration! The layered top is not separate layers at all, but one created layer by the extremely talented Nylon Pinkney of Nylon Outfitters. It is probably one of my MOST favorite tops of all time! I hope to bring out something similar to this when I get more time to create my own brand of clothing. Nylon is truly an inspiration of mine.

So much fun we couldn't have summer without more spring!

Now how to mix it up! I thought about doing some shorts, but thought nah, it can be hot in RL but doesn't have to be in SL. I brought out wool pants in gray by LeLutka to match the prim flower that comes with the top. The pants have a high enough waistline to fit nicely with the top and a wide enough pant to give the look some sophistication. I have multiple colors in this same pant to suit various needs when it comes to it. I'm sure you're all looking for the summer collection to be released and I wish I knew when but I don't - so I'm waiting with the rest of you.

Next was the gloves, which were an easy choice as I originally had started thinking about doing a mix of the Paper Couture line and kept these gloves on from the Jasmine Vest outfit. I really liked how it turned the look a bit more stylized overall due to the cut of the glove not being fully on the fingers or over the full palm.

I definitely wanted to pull out some of the newest lamb. hair that I bought at the hair fair. This one is the Unbirthday in Obsidian which donated 50% of the profits to Locks of Love! I am totally in love with lamb.! Unique styles that are truly unlike any others in SL and if there are they had to have gotten the inspiration here!

The Diamond and Rose Bouquet ring is another beauty from the Paper Couture spring 09 collection. If you look back in my blog you'll see what I big fan I am of Paper Couture jewelry. I always think you can wear it with anything and certainly make a statement! The details in this piece are astounding. The glint of the diamonds don't require any sort of glow to make it sparkle.

To bring the look together at the toe, the Paper Couture Pastel Blue Butterfly heels were a perfect fit to tie in the blue and white shades in the Nylon Outfitter's top and pull together with the overall spring feel that I wanted to achieve.

As for the skin, I've been wearing Tuli's Hope skin everywhere! But I don't like blogging the same things repeatedly. I mix it up! So I decided that I really wanted to feature the mad talent of Ryker Beck. I went to the store which btw is having a sale of 50% off where all proceeds are going to the Make A Wish Foundation. Read details HERE at the Exodi blog. I ended up picking out the Shiloh Caramel skin in Bender make-up. The pinkish color of the lips and light blue tint of eyeshadow mimics the colors that I have going on in the outfit.

Since I was at Exodi and I like donating to a cause when I can afford to, I picked up the Exodi pack of Zbilja eyes. I have hard many people talk about how great they are and will agree that I do like the glint of light in the eye, which you can see in the close-up. I choose brown for two reasons. First I don't do brown often, and second I don't see brown very often.

Last but not least, I tempted myself away from my Silhouette Au Natural lashes that I used in my previous mix blog post and selected the combed style instead. I'm not a pro at fitting lashes but felt I did a pretty good job. They're a bit more wild of lashes, but still liked them with the look to be natural but glam.

06-28-09-Zoe-Spring-Fun-Mix Close

There you have it - my Not Ready for Summer, Spring style. I hope you enjoy!

Love, Zoe

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