Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Zoe's Quick Tip from Digit Darkes: Sculpt Rendor Settings

Find yourself taking a pic or generally just scoping what other people are wearing - but for some reason at a slight distance the sculpted object/item seems to look funky?? This happens a lot to shoes and sometimes hair that you or your friend might be wearing. Here is a cool tip that Digit Darkes gave out via note card with her sculpted heels. I've been using it ever since!

1. Enable the "Advanced" menu in your viewer if you haven't already done so by pressing following shortcuts on your keyboard: Ctrl-Alt-D for PCs or Opt-Ctrl-D for MACs

2. Select "Debug Settings" (near the bottom) from the "Advanced" menu.

3. Scroll down to "RenderVolumeLODFactor" (the list will show when you click the arrow next to the blank input field) - or copy and paste RenderVolumeLODFactor directly into the input field.

4. Set the value to 4.00, then simply close the window (DON'T press the "Reset to default" button because this will revert your new setting).

**** Please be aware that making changes to "Object Mesh Detail" in your Graphics Settings AFTER your changes in Debug Settings will make it necessary to repeat the above steps ****

Each time you install a new viewer you will have to change your settings again!


Love, Zoe

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