Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dreams really do come true... (personal post)

In high school I never knew really what I wanted to be when I grew up. I ended up going to a college presentation on journalism and fell in love hearing about the magazine aspect of journalism - thus I majored originally in journalism but wanted to be more on the creative side rather than the business side of producing a magazine. This led me to follow my heart towards graphic design, which is what I stuck with for the remainder of my education.

Being a part of Second Life, I continue to push myself to learn my creative self through photography and product advertising. Not too long after I started shopping I found the Second Style magazine kiosk outside of ETD. I was hooked checking out every issue and personally criticizing poor ads graphic design skill. I really wanted to see better ads in magazines. Thus utilizing what I learned in school I wanted to apply into SL and thus I opened my personal photography/modeling/graphic design business called Z...complete.

A lot of opportunities came my way. Some I took and some I passed up mainly due to my time being limited. Part of me has always been interested in magazines, thus I joined the Aspire team as Art Director but found myself a bit burnt due to circumstances beyond my control. I then teamed up with ROLE magazine as fashion spread photographer. I really enjoyed working on the spreads month to month. I really put my heart into my pictures and I do hope that it showed. However, recently ROLE ended with the closing of the magazine. It is still a little bitter sweet, but like all things - when one door closes, another door opens.

Felicity whom I had been friends with after working with her in ROLE gave me an opportunity to do Second Style's December fashion spread based on New Years Eve. This is very full circle for me, as back in 2007 I actually was hired on by Second Style to be the photo editor. The only thing was it also happened to be a very critical time in my RL as well - thus the position never took off. So doing this spread really means a lot more to me than just doing pictures. And when Felicity told me that my picture was also to be on the cover - well all I can say is that it really is a dream come true for me.

Second Style Magazine's December Cover

Thank you Felicity and Second Style!

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Mavi Beck said...

Congratulations Zoe! I always admire your work and I love your class and professionalism. Way to go girl! :)