Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Ice Blue

I was one of lucky ten to receive a new L.Fauna skin blogger pack. It also included two friend HUD packs that I can choose to give away to whomever I choose. So to make it a little more exciting - I want to give one to you - my readers.

How to win: Comment on this blog post before noon SLT on Friday December 11th. I will do a random selection using the same website http://www.random.org/ and will announce the winner and send the HUD along with instructions in-world.


The Launa Fauna brand, "Chai," is now going in a new direction and with it a new name: L.Fauna. Fauna indicated that she needed a new beginning saying in a note card that the new name, "...a great way to inject new enthusiasm into my work..." She has spent three months working on these skins and plans to release more faces in the future.


Launa is also releasing a 50L skin part of "50L Friday" - be sure to swing by on Friday to get your copy. I really like the face on the skin and think you will too. And of course on top of this I had to mix the skin in my typical style mix that I'm calling, "Ice Blue."

Inspiration - Launa Fauna's newest skin line called L.Fauna

Ice Blue

I really didn't know what I felt like blogging - was going to do a full out snow sweater thing then went in a fully different direction picking out a red blazer with this skirt both by Madsy. And ended up pulling the blazer but sticking with the skirt. I found out about Madsy due to Dango Jewel's blog and had picked up a few things from the store including the Peplum skirt in black - shown here in a simplified version by not including the system skirt portion.

I love the high waist of the skirt which encouraged me to pull out one of my favorite tops from LeLutka's summer collection - the Louise shirt in Dark Blue. There are many shades of the Louise shirt to suit anyone's style and I absolutely love all of them. It is one of my face of all time pieces that LeLutka has released. And who needs sweaters in a virtual world? Besides - if one went out clubbing in the middle of winter - I doubt they would wear a bulky sweater.

Going on a hotter than colder look meant for me to toss away the boots and pull out a new sexy heels from Kalnins. The Orchid heels are HUD scripted to allow many different straps, heel, and nail combinations. Along with skin tinting, lighting, and resize options. Probably not "the" easiest color hud option in the world but using the presets I didn't have too difficult of a time getting a decent match on the skin. I would LOVE to have more color control options with the shoes but there a decent selection that any fashionista can have fun mixing with.

I knew I had to go edgy with the hair and had to pull out one of the newest lamb creations called Ghost. Lamb always puts out new and inventive styles. If you're not one for the long pony she also has the Witch style which is the same but with a bun in back instead for more of an "up-do."

I then pulled out some pieces that Bella Bombast of Uzuri gave me recently. She had contacted me awhile ago with some jewelry saying she liked my blog. I did my investigation, so to speak, on her store and ended up buying more items. She does more ethnic styles of jewelry that I adored. I do hope to blog more of her pieces but again - I have to fit it with the style and ended up choosing both her Dalya earrings and Chifu ring. Both pieces are in Turquoise but due to wanting to match with the shoes and not able to change the color of the shoes to match the Turquoise I instead modded the jewelry with a tint of blue to match more with the shoes. And even if you don't agree with me - least I know gold and silver CAN be put together if a designer chooses to, rule or no rule.

One thing about designing in general - least with fashion and also home decor - is that it doesn't have to be exact exact - so long as it fits in the family of colors. Thus why I feel like this outfit works with the slight tonational difference between the shirt and accessories.

Ice Blue Close-up
Last but not least - I'm always on the look out for new eyes that capture my fancy. One that caught my eye is this Baiastice creation of the 3rd series in Ice on Purple. Keeps in tone of the make-up of the skin to really make the eyes pop and still works in the hues of blue.

So there you have it!

I hope to see your comments and good luck!!

Love, Zoe


Phoenix Chapman said...

Pick me!

<3 Phoe

Anonymous said...

me, me, me, me???? XD

it looks awesome on you, i saw other post about it and the skin changed a lot! i love the lips!

and the shirt you are wearing is one of my faves lelutka's releases.
i had in purple and black...

Nina Fessbeinder.

Anonymous said...

Awesome skins. hope i win!

~ZsuZsanna~ said...

Wow, Launa's new skins look even better than ever!

Miranda said...

These skins look amazing!Ijust love the new style.

↓ Valletta ↖ said...

Wow they look amazing, I'd probably say the lips are my favorite though <3

Valletta GossipGirl.

Everest said...

They're such -gorgeous- skins- those lips! The release date couldn't come soon enough!

Verity Goodnight said...

I <3 Launa's skins so much that I am even severely tempted by that superpale one.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous skins!

Carissa Crimson said...

*runs through at the last minute with arms waving*

Pick ME! Pick ME!

Zoe Demar said...

Thank you for commenting - No more comments will be considered for the contest past this point - I'll be doing the drawing shortly!