Friday, February 5, 2010

The 4 Years of Zoe Demar - personal post

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Yesterday was my rez-day in Second Life. I'm officially 4 years old now. I wanted to commemorate the day somehow and first thought about doing a picture but really didn't want to spend a lot of time on it as I've been busy enough with other projects this week. So, I Figured that I would pull out pictures from my inventory and put them on prim. But that even seemed like more time than I really wanted to dedicate to it. Then I started pulling out old ROLE magazines from last year then other magazines that I have had ads in from time to time, but it really wasn't summing up everything that I have put time and energy into.

I typically haven't done any "year in review" before about myself. And I'm not one to keep a resume of what I've done either. I've always just done what I was interested in at the time. So why am I writing this out or even sharing it for that matter? I guess more for my own recollection of my time spent here so that I have something to look back on to remember. I also feel like this way people who I've met along the way can check it out too and remember good times. So here's what I can remember.

I came to Second Life because my friends thought that due to my creative nature I would find ways to express myself here. And they were right, though I didn't really realize it at the time. I originally found myself exploring and laughing at all the nuances of Second Life. I think the majority of newbs to Second Life still tend to do this. I took snapshots of times spent with friends and enjoyed dancing and shopping around the grid. Okay, now I feel like I'm writing a novel..and that just isn't me either... SO let's try doing a list in no particular order shall we? Yes...random is fun.
  • Explored
  • Photographed for fun
  • Joined FACES modeling agency and walked in a few shows
  • Joined up with Second Style magazine - but didn't work out due to RL stuff going on
  • Role-played at Deadwood heading up the Ruby Theatre for awhile
  • Started photo business, Z...complete
  • Entered Photo Competitions and won...a lot, lost some too
  • Worked as photographer then as Art Director for Alphamale and Blacklace
  • Worked as dancer and host for Activ8
  • Worked as graphic designer for Activ8
  • Worked as manager for Greenies
  • Worked as blogger for Rezzable
  • Worked as Designer for Rezzable
  • Worked as Designer for Footwear Expo 08
  • Worked for Skin/Shape Expo 09
  • Placed in the Top 5 of Next Fashion Icon - had horrible experiences and competition never ended (made some awesome friendships though and decided never to participate in modeling contests again)
  • Put on a fashion show and walked it as part of the Next Fashion Icon Pageant (I swear this was the most work I have ever done in SL at one time)
  • Worked as Blacklace Model
  • Won spot in the Lingerie Legends calender that was shot by Carl Crabe in 2008 and have the printed 2009 version in RL too (that was cool)
  • Walked as one of a few models for Scarlet Niven's Fashion show (thank you Scarlet)
  • Helped put on Blacklace Fashion Show (SL hated us that day)
  • Helped out as model mentor for Natural Beauty Pageant (not as contestant)
  • Participated with Gallery showing at Ewing for Second Life B-Day celebration
  • Opened up Niavi (fashion brand)
  • Worked doing Photography/Graphic Design for Blacklace, Alphamale, Bax, Icing, Alite, Studio Nails, Aluinn, OS, M&M, Eolandes, Foxy Curves, EMJ, Timeless, ROLE, Second Style...and many others
  • Interviewed by The Artisan and Avenue magazines
  • Have had my picture up at ETD's BIG picture (ya that was pretty cool)
  • Blogged for FACES
  • Created my own blog, Z...complete
  • Partnered to Matt (who needs SL weddings)
  • Maid of Honor at my friend Caeleigh's wedding (some weddings are cool...)
  • Bridesmaid for my friend Gemini's wedding
  • Ministered a wedding last minute for another friend (they ended it not too long after - so ya some weddings suck)
  • Danced at the Blue Note (a lot)
  • Have had a few things named after me - that's pretty cool too
  • Worked as Art Director for Aspire before it went to the can...(long story there too)

I'm sure I'm missing a lot - but it has been quite the journey. Thank you to all of my friends and associates who have molded me to what I am today. It has been a creative and colorful four years and I just can't seem to express it in any manner properly.

But out of most happy accomplishment has been to fall in love and be with my husband. I can't tell you how happy he makes me and how much he supports me. I love you, Matt!

So here's to another few great years or more of my SLife.

Cheers - Zoe

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