Saturday, March 20, 2010

Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar in Spring Punk

I could have sworn it was spring until it started to snow today! Sometimes that is exactly what happens. Luckily in Second Life I can pretty much start any season whenever I feel like it, at least in fashion.

Spring Punk

Today came with some new releases - mainly in hair which I can't help but say I'm happy about. One of the newest styles, called Scarlett, includes one which was the initial inspiration with the pyramid studs in the headband. It is very reminiscent of Scarlett Johansson, which is someone that I wanted to hit the style of with this look. Though typically Scarlett is dressed up in glam styles, she also has a bit of the punk/rock side to her which I wanted to reflect here.

I went with the yellow paradiso romper also by because it isn't something usually seen and really pops in crowds. It also reflects sunny days which I tend to think of with spring. team did a very good job on the textures, even the prims do a really good job of blending though because I don't edit my pictures to fit with poses when I blog, shows up a bit here. So don't let that hold you back if you're interested in making a purchase. is excellent with seams, something that not everyone takes time with.

To bring in more of a dark edge I pulled out the my reliable standard of Maiiki black leggings which has amazing textures. And even if I have a hard time writing out the name, you can find the items still at Maitreya's main sim location.

The shoes for this look were an easy hit, bringing in the studs with these Digit Darkes Desire Heels. Originally I wasn't too fond of the textures that Digit had with her feet, but she has improved these a great deal, these shoes included.

I've been wanting to blog this necklace for awhile that I picked up from SEY. Something a bit more gothic than what I typically can be seen strolling around in but happy to find it a home with this look. I love the little details of the script on the skull as well as a diamond in one eye. I also really like having the length of y-shape chain especially when revealing so much skin around the neck, allowing me to get away with more.

Next was easy, adding a tattoo, but I did still decide to pick out one that is rock based from Garden of Ku. They have a huge selection of tattoos that I highly recommend checking out. I've had a few from there that I have yet to blog, but am happy again that today I got one out of my inventory.

The skin was a given, I knew I had to use Tuli's Eva skin once again as I've been a looong time fan of her work. She really continues to strive forward. Even recently her Hope skin line has become my default go-to look for Zoe. Something that I don't do on a whim. Eva I hope will become another one of my standards. I really liked pulling out a red lip make-up knowing how often Scarlett does the same. Red to me isn't something that anyone can pull off but if you're gonna be daring, it has gotta be red!

The lashes are a bit over the top, but that's what I love - why not push the limits a bit. I think it gives a great leap to the edge which is perfect for doing close-up shots for magazine covers or photo shoots. Mayden Couture has a good variety of lashes that I have had fun playing with.

Spring Punk Close-up

The eyes are one of my all time faves by MADesigns. I always tend to come back to them because of the soft calm feeling that they reflect. These are a must-have set in my inventory! And though I find some eyes to be a bit pricey, I do believe these are worth their weight.

Last but not least, I had this outfit all put together but once in the pose it didn't feel...complete. In art there is a rule of threes...and in fashion there is the rule of once you put everything on, take one item off. Well, in this circumstance the three plus leaving an item on ruled for me. I really wanted one more stud item to complete the package. It would be easy to either replace the belt with a studded belt, or the necklace. I even bought a necklace to see but it didn't hit the right vibe for me. And as far as belts go, I have one I could have easily pulled out by Refuge but wanted to keep the outfit in tact and to also keep a bit of the glam to the look. Thus it was bangle or else. I hit up Refuge first, knowing that I had the belt from them but ended up finding it at SiniStyle which is located near to Refuge. So I have my artistic triad without sacrificing the other items that I wanted to showcase.


Love, Zoe

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