Thursday, April 22, 2010

Newness from Tuli

UPDATE: The Skins are released!

Quick post to announce that Sayuri skins should be out today at Tuli - though not out quite yet!!! I just stopped by her store just before submitting this post to make sure.


I did use a different shape than normal for this post. It is from The Abyss which I rather liked. Other credits go to 69 for the hair, Linc for the top, Torridwear for the pose, and Exodi for the eyes.

Tuli's Sayuri in Tone 1

Do mind that she does have freckle and cleavage options which I did not show here and in another tone as well. As always Tuli does phenomenal work!! You can also get into her group to grab the group gift if you can't wait!


Love, Zoe

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Chiara Laszlo said...

I saw a lot of posts with the Sayuri skin recently. But I wanted to let you know that I love it the most the way you presented it. The skin looks just perfect on you! Maybe it is the shape you mentioned... but I think it is also the beautiful hair.

xox Chiara