Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Locker Room

Blogged: Locker Room I like to check out the other gender every once in awhile and do a blog about it.  The main reason for this post is due to the latest release by The Abyss called 2043.  The skin is extremely realistic and causes me to be in awe.  I typically like to wear any Abyss skin with their shapes because they fit together effortlessly.  And I'm not about to go around tweaking guys shapes because they typically frustrate me by lack of certain arm and leg sliders available in SL.  The skin comes in 4 main shades but is tintable through the SL slider system.  I also stuck with one of the pairs of eyes from the tone 2 in the series called panther. I'm also wearing a shader (which is included) that helps give a more realistic flair in SL without photo editing.

I decided to go a bit sporty after picking up Emery's Wix sport jacket which comes in other neon stripe shades or basics like black and white.  I paired it up with some greed shorts from Blitzed which I found by accident while visiting another sim.  Love it when that happens!

The flip-flops were a toss up between two new pairs of sandals by Sey.  I decided to go with these due to the color flexibility - as it is hud script controlled for multiple combinations.  Sey also includes a wide variety of nail shades along with it.  Matching the skin tone also wasn't too much of a hassle and they include a few preselected tones.

Hair is a new style by Exile called Nathan.  One of two new styles for the guys.  I know how hard it can be to find good guy hair so hopefully he'll come out with some others soon.

Blogged: Locker Room


Love, Zoe

Jacket: Emery - Sport Jacket Wix in Sailor
Shorts: Blitzed - Greed in gray
Shoes: Sey - Flip-Flops B
Hair: Exile - Nathan in Whiskey
Skin & Shape: The Abyss - 2043_1
Eyes & Shader: The Abyss - 2043_2 panther


Ms. Petlyakov said...

Holy crap, that's AWESOME.

Tuli Asturias said...

Wow! Someone finally nailed the male avatar nostrils/nose! Gawd they're a nightmare to skin.
I'm not a huge fan of the ultra realistic but this one looks less scary than some, though I'm not a fan of the double eyebags. He needs a nap (in my room!)! xD