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A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Betty

Blogged: The Betty Draper Blogged: The Betty Draper

In honor of having Mad Men back on the air with season 4 - I'm showing off the two very different sides of Mrs. Betty Draper. The first being a very memorable moment with some neighboring birds. The second hitting more of the glam model side that she fronts when out meeting Don Draper's clientèle.

The inspiration started this morning with the announcement of new 69 hair by Kumii Yoshikawa. The BE style reminded me of Betty's hair and is one of three new releases which is only open to 69-VIPs until August 2nd. I'm happy to say she now includes a resize script for her hairs which I can appreciate as they've never fit on my head without adjustments.

Blogged: The Betty Draper

Originally I was going to go for more of her everyday looks, but my husband brought up the time she had with the BB gun and thus this look was born. I headed straight to Artilleri to pick up the Wilma dress in yellow that reflects the time period extremely well with the button down styled top which you will see Betty wear numerous times on the show.

I wanted to find some yellow shoes to match, but as usual - color isn't always easy store to store so I picked up the Tuli pumps in steel and choose the golden bow texture from the menu option to match it with shades of the dress pattern. Shiny Things hasn't been producing a lot of shoes lately but it still definitely has the quality you expect from shoe makers of today.

The cigarette from FNKY is an oldie but a goody. The smoke is scripted to be turned on or off by touch and comes with a variety of other in-hand, mouth, or on land options. The shotgun was a freebie that I found on xstreet by Cisco Lane that is originally huge as it is supposed to be for Tank Girl - but I scaled it down to fit the image of Betty.

As far as marriage bling, I choose one of the best looking diamond rings I have seen in a modern style by Yabusaka. I stuck with the League's Taylor skin in blonde but in a new make-up called Angel - seemed fitting! I really like it on my shape and find it harder to switch it up. My other faves made it back are the LeLutka Reflection eyes in glory and Silhouette lashes in Au Natural (I wear these in both looks).

Blogged: The Betty Draper

For the more dressy Draper, I was actually going to try to not shop at Icing, because that felt too easy - but after shopping in another store I decided enough and pulled out another fave from Icing called, Evening at the Opera. I paired it up with another of Icing's creations of the glam stole that includes an AO as well as 2 ways of wearing it - wraparound (shown) or over the shoulder.

Again, I was hunting for something other than Paper Couture because again, I like to challenge myself - but in the end - I came back to pull out the sparkling sphere set. The closer to neck feature fits Betty's style of not being too flashy - but definitely having a wow factor. It kinda reflects her personality, trying to draw somebody in but rejecting them in the end.

The Shaken by not Stirred hair by Clawtooth is an instant fave - I wanted to go there to see if there was a more reflective style to Betty's hair and when I saw this I knew it would fit well. It probably could pass for a Jane style, but I thought still appropriate for Betty. So a lot of good hits for Tableau sim tonight as both Paper Couture and Clawtooth are located there.

Finishing off the look was Maitreya's Neyya heels in Pearl Leather. The right sheen to blend in with the top of the dress as well as classy enough to pull off with the style.

The pose used in the gun happy Betty style was a custom made by my husband today specifically for the blog. The pose for the Betty glam style is one of Dove's (of LAP aka Long Awkward Pose) 365 poses project. I highly recommend stopping by to check them out if you haven't recently.


Love, Zoe

PS Comment who is your favorite Mad Men character!

Please note that the Gun Happy Betty image has been photoshopped - the Glam Betty is unprocessed.

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