Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rolling Deep

I love this look...if I could find all of it in RL, I'd get it!  Even the hair, so long as it wouldn't tangle into knots!  And I'd take the skin gladly too!


As far as would really have to go to the hair by Shag and the top by TokiD featured at the EPOCH event going on.  I'm going to have the outfit do the rest of the talking.  I was also listening to Adele, thus the title.

Love, Zoe

*note the picture on the right has been edited - mainly added some shading and contrast, the left is more of a non-edit.

Credits to: TokiD, Mon Tissu, Coco, Redgrave, Paper Couture, Shag, Belleza, Mayfly, Del May, & EPOCH for location

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