Friday, March 2, 2012

Tonight, We Are Young


I've been playing the song, "We Are Young," by Fun. on repeat for a bit. It is fun to sing along with and was a bit of the inspiration for this look along with the new mesh tops called, "KATE," by notsobad.  I can't say I'm a fan of the pants that they came out with as I'm not really into the heavy crotch look...but I do love this top!  The detail is outstanding including the texture that you can get a better glimpse of in the close-up head shot.

I paired the top up with League's Zipped Leather Pants in Faded Black and the new Triumph mesh boots by GOS.  Can't ever go wrong with League or GOS when it comes to quality!  I went to the SL Marketplace to pick up the boots in black.  I'm highly anticipating their next release!

Oleander hair is by !lamb.  I'm typically not one for bangs but love the texture in the bang edge.  The one down side to the hair was when I went to try and shrink it down slightly and found that I couldn't.  I'm sure I could find a fix about to change that...but didn't want to really mess with it.  I found that once I had the right color the size didn't matter as much.

Skin is by the body co.  It is their Ylang Ylang skin in tropez tone and I keep going back to it to use.  I decided to go with the full chic make-up tattoo layer with this look to keep it young but sophisticated.

The Mayfly Eyes are what I've been using as a standard lately and I haven't decided to change it up yet.

The poses are by Torridwear in the full shot (not sure if still available) and the other by LAP (close-up).  LAP (Long Awkward Pose) released some cute money poses at the Festival of Sin that I'm going to have to bring out to play with next!


Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:

TOP: notsobad - Kate in White & Black
PANTS: League - Zipped Leather in Faded Black
BOOTS: GOS - Triumph in Worn
HAIR: lamb - Oleander in Kit Kat
SKIN & MAKE-UP: the body co. - Ylang Ylang in Tropez/Chic
EYES: Mayfly - Deep Sky in Green Tourmaline
POSE: Torridwear & LAP (close-up)

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