Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Little Bit of Beauty by Zoe Demar


I noticed LAQ put out some newness which reminded me a bit of her going back to the "pre-glow" series of skins.  What I didn't realize was what she was doing in detail until I went over to check it out this evening.  I must say it really allows the new tattoo layer system to drastically allow us to be much more unique.  Instead of just piling on different types of make-ups.  Mallory is allowing us to also choose different noses, lips, eyes, etc. from across different skin bases.  Instead of writing out a bunch, I'm going to show you.  The picture above is showing off the Saga skin as is (plus eyelashes from Maitreya, Eyes from Insufferable Dastard, and hair from LeLutka).  The picture below is the Saga skin but with the nose from LAQ's Essentials Elle as well as Elle's lips.  Thus depending upon how somebody mixes up the options, they can get a completely different look - which is great!  The biggest factor is to just match up the skintone skin to skin - I choose the 2.0 skintone.  I will admit...buying two essential skin packs runs a bit pricy, but it was fun to mix and match to get a different look all together. On top of that, she has eye and lip makeup choices for 100L each, so you can still change up your look with make-up but to get the different noses, eyes, eyebrows, or natural lips - you would have to buy the essentials pack.  Still I think it is great if she continues on this path as it will allow the consumer to go ultra-unique.



Love, Zoe

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