Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar in Tame


I put this look together awhile ago now, but I love it due to its feeling of ease that it gives me.  Very neutral and comfortable.  It's really a mesh up of erratic, league, and elikatira.

I have blogged erratic's top previously but love it so much in this shade that I decided to blog about it again.  It makes me want to cuddle up with a cup of cocoa and a book.  The great thing about it too is that it looks loose but not frumpy!  And pairing it up with a sexy black leather pant really plays it up to look really trendy but relaxed.  And of course I can't go wrong with anything that is similarly named to my name of Zoe!

I had a different hair picked out but then changed it when I saw elikatira's Interrupt hair - it certainly interrupted me!  I love the long over the shoulder braid with the loose wisps framing the bangs.  My hair does this all the time when I try to put it up.  Those little loose strands brings a lot of character with it.  I love it when hair designers do this.

The necklace, skin, and boots are all League.  I would put League as one of the best texture makers on the grid.  So talented with anything she, jewelry..she does it all.   I'm sure if she made furniture or houses or whatever...they would be great.  I'm in awe constantly and always look forward to her releases. The texture and styling of these boots - they look sooo real and soft.  It is easy to look at these and know how it would feel under a delicate touch.  

In regards to the eyes...I really love the depth of the brown in Exodi's Zbilija eyes (no longer available).  So when I go to put on other brown eyes, I always tend to go back to these.  I used them but with some major editing, in another picture that I did here where I put a bit of RL me in the image by adding the freckles.  Note, I'm also wearing the same skin but this time the hair is by Exile.



Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:
TOP: Erratic - Cory in Plain Sand
PANTS: Erratic - Zoey in Black
NECKLACE: League - Dipped Feather in Silver/Brown
BOOTS: League - Dhara in Biscuit
HAIR: Elikatira - Interrupt in Brown 07
SKIN: League - Isla in Suntan Champagne
EYES: Exodi - Zbilja in Brown (not available)
POSE: TorridWear (not available)

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