Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Post-International Women's Day + Tribute


International Women's Day was celebrated last Friday (March 8th) so I thought that I would take the time to celebrate three women that I look up to in this look - Tuli, Ely, and Del May.

Tuli of Tuli - for learning photoshop all on her own years ago and is happily back in Second Life creating once again!  As shown with her latest skin release, Elyse. Tuli has been one of my staple skin designers that I love to go back to time and time again.  Her Hope skin still is one of my all time faves to this day and one that I got a ton of compliments wearing.

Ely of Elymode - a good friend that I won't ever forget to go to for advice when I need it not only in photoshop but in life.  She has overcome a LOT in her real life - shown with the major roadtrip she took to overcome her own fears.  She also continues to push her skills in 3D modeling.  Warranted in her latest mesh dress release called Starlight.  I've always admired her for her persistence in learning and being a perfectionist when it comes to textures.  Her talent is limitless!  I'm also jealous of her RL photography skills with sunsets...and SL ones too!

Del May of Del May - continues to push the bounds of what angles can be - not only in her SL photography but in her unconventional poses.  I don't know her personally...but tend to think you can get to know her in her pictures that awe me in her artistic style.  Unique is the best word that I can use for this artist!

Let's not leave out the boys since it is now almost St. Patty's Day!

Truth of Truth - who knew that you would have such a SL impact years ago when you first opened your shop.  I still remember the controversy because you were just too good to be believed!  It is amazing to see how much you've developed and striven for innovation in your creations.  I am still holding onto my unused Novocaine gift cards...don't ask me why!  I know you said you'd honor them but I guess I'm still a bit of a sentimental.  I can't believe how one can be so determined to release multiple hair styles on a weekly basis!  Thank you for making my SLHair Folder explode!

Hart of PXL - when I did photography for you - for what doesn't seem as long ago as it is...I learned that you are a perfectionist and somebody that concentrates on even the most tiny detail!  You've continued to triumph over controversy and pushed through not only with skins but your other innovations.  I love these teeth!  Minor to some but it is something that I know you spent quality time on.

And I hate to leave anyone out...

Aula of Insufferable Dastard - I can't say I know anything about you other than yes I love your eyes.  They have the right balance of reflections, size, and color that I require to make my photos pop.  Thank you for having so many options and I wish you success with your expansion into skins!

Cari of Silhouette (no longer open) - you still run the feed that I visit the most often and had one of the best shape shops out there.  I'm happy that I got these lashes because they're my standard go-to SL enhancements.  It sucked when you closed up shop but I'm glad that you did what you needed to do.  Your styling skills are impeccable and you were one of the models that I always admired from afar.

Love, Zoe Demar

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