Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sparkling Spring


Being sick and then having a significant other sick makes for not a lot of time to enjoy free time.  Now that we're feeling better I thought I would aim for some spring even though outside it is a winter wonderland.  Maybe if we think will come!  

The Truth hair (super cute/vintage look - makes me think Audrey), Valentina E. Couture dress (I don't know what could scream SPRING more), and Cae necklace (scripted for multiple color options) are all available at the fameshed event going on now.  

The new Zoe skin is by Tuli is a welcome treat as it is nice to see an old favorite come back from the world of real and back into virtual space creation!!  I'm wearing the petal tone in the sultry make-up collection. Super excited I did decide to twist it up a bit with some blush and freckles from Vive Nine

The rest is old hat favorites...eyes (Insufferable Dastard) and lashes (no longer available) along with a pose from my standard poser Del May.

Mind you I did add shadows/highlights to this picture so make sure you try before you buy!!


Love, Zoe

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