Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Fantasy aka Belle Gone Wild


I've been waiting for League to release this corset/skirt combo into her store since I missed the fair and my wish came true!  I decided that this outfit made me think of Disney's Beauty and the favorite Disney flick from my childhood.  I consider this picture, "Belle Gone Wild!"

It was hard to choose which color combination to choose - there are sooo many options!!  And then there is a HUD included with the corset which allows for 4 spike metal options or to turn them off.  AND it even allows for different texture line options and colors as well as two sleeve options.  Way to go, League - always providing exceptional ..everything!

I'm not really one for doing the cleavage enhancement but corsets definitely don't bring modesty so I felt it was appropriate!  I'm wearing Pink Fuel's Alex with the Enhancer 3 in Latte.  I'm going for the natural look to fit the scene a bit.

I went for looooong hair by LeLutka.  I have a hard time in RL or SL to do the split down the middle.  I don't know why!  But again, I decided to pull it out for this look and love how it turned out!

I'll let the rest of the look speak for itself as I repeatedly use the remaining items.


Zoe Demar

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