Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A little bit of Mesh news by Zoe Demar


Mesh bodies seem to be the new thing and luckily for me I'm able to get some trials at it from Belleza. Tricky has been working on this for months and I have to give him kudos for the amount of hours he puts into his work. I have been eagerly awaiting giving it a go since he first told me about this months and months ago!


Here's my low-down:

I have to say that straight out of the box I'm happy thus far. I will be honest in saying I haven't been able to give a full out dedicated review of this but from an out of the box perspective I found the HUD easy to use with a lot of options I didn't expect.

Tricky did a great job of giving a LOT of options with hand gestures to pointed and flat feet to the details such as nail length and color options. It is fun to see a full body done in 3-D vs 2-D.  I have an actual belly button indentation!!

I will say one of the more humorous things was playing with the cleavage option.  I haven't yet put that to use with clothing but it did give me a bit of a chuckle because in order to achieve cleavage like SL's in RL there is some definite push-ups that he has mimicked here - give your mind a moment to visualize then give it a try when it is released!

I will say that my avatar is rather small chested and I did increase the boob size a bit along with my feet and hands to get into the mesh properly and to where I wanted to be.  But that's going to be standard with any mesh body from the sounds of it. No more needing size 0 feet!  I think the one thing that I will have to try is mesh shoes from other designers and how that will play with this body.

But as I said in my Flickr comments - It is sooo nice to just take a picture without spending hours recreating curves that would naturally be there if you were to take a photo of an actual person.  Mind you, we will still continue to contort our avatars into physically impossible poses for the sake of creativity but it is nice to not HAVE to when doing a simple pose!  Yay for mesh bodies!

Thank you SL for allowing us to be able to have creators such as the talented Mr. Tricky of Belleza create them for us to adore our avatars more lovingly with!

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