Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doubled Bit of Style by Zoe Demar


Being a huge fan of Shai as I am I have been a long time fan of her system skirt outfits. I decided that I wanted to mix two looks using two of her outfits with different hair, skin, and accessories. I’m calling this appropriately, “double trouble.”

One of my all time favorites by Shai is the Zebra Fever tube dress and the other is a brand new release of hers called the Siobhan dress in red.


Now for the stuff some might read...

(I'm a visual person myself but like to add a nice summary for those that aren't. TIP: I don't always post slurls and recommend doing a search for the names under places - and if you have a problem feel free to shoot me an IM and I'll be more than happy to provide LMs or give you a slurl)

Upon going to the jewelry expo (which I suggest visiting at least once) I enjoyed finding new designers that I haven’t visited before. One of these was Kraftica. I absolutely adored every single piece that they had at the fair and didn’t dare go to their main store location for protection of my linden count. I ended up using some of their pieces in both of my looks. On the zebra side I used a matching styled zebra bracelet called No 301 and paired it up with a gold and black beaded necklace called No 129.

When it comes to shoes I couldn’t pass up using my favorite shoes thus far by Maitreya called Virtue in patent black. I picked them up at the shoe fair and have been wearing them ever since. I can’t get over how well made the shoes are with the perfect shine. I think it really suited the wild side of the zebra print. On the flip side I love hitting the classic feel that the Siobhan dress brings to the table and had to pair it up with my retro sweet shoes from Shiny Things. Both of these shoe makers have my top notch when it comes to quality and they always bring something new to SL.

When it came to adding the icing to the cake it was an easy choice. I visited JE*Republic for the first time yesterday and couldn’t help picking up their hair Tarae in smoky along with the huge hair pin called Myth. I absolutely love things that stand out and this style along with the hair pin definitely comes to mind. There is also another hair pin option that I didn’t picture here but hope that my readers will check it out for themselves. The hair is very affordable and has a lot of good variety of styles. On the flip side I wanted to pull of a similar look and have had the Blossom hair by Kin immediately pop into my mind. There is something about the hair that I personally enjoy, maybe it is the flow of the flexi or how the edge of the bangs doesn’t line up perfectly but whatever it is I certainly enjoy it.

The skins that I chose I felt fit each look. A lighter lip for the more classic style is by Redgrave’s newest skin release of Jennifer. I tend to always go back to Redgrave because of what each skin does to my shape; it gives a lot of different looks without having to change my shape at all, which I absolutely enjoy because I am such a huge fan of diversity. On the flip side I used more of a red lip to stick with the edge of the look and I chose La Sylphide’s Liliana skin in almond, smoky shadow. The lips in red really pull off the passion I wanted to create.

Finally when it comes to eyes it is extremely important for my clients to have eyes that make the picture pop. There are a lot of great eyes out there but two of my personal favorites have been Tuli and Glanz. I chose the Luminous Blue by Tuli for the Zebra Fever dress and the Ocean Blue by Glanz for the Sioban. If you look back in my own posts you will see me use these quite often. I prefer eyes with a pupil that is not very large and have a nice amount of shine to them that bring out a spark in the eyes especially if positioned correctly. I really feel like that is one of the keys to making a good photograph not only in Second Life but also in the so called first life.

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