Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mind the Face Light

Minding my own business and starting off the day with a casual shopping trip I demo some new product when all of a sudden I'm so blurred out by white that I can't even see myself anymore. I think, alright I'll just take a few steps to my left, no problem. Then its back! The fuzzy blur of what used to be me looking at a demo. I decided to find out what the culprut was and turn on my transparency view (ctrl+T). And then I spot it. A face light that isn't just a tiny little prim, but huge and there are multiples of them. Has this ever happened to you while shopping or out on the town? Or do you find yourself the one that is actually blurring out your friend's pink sweaterdress?

Face Light Horrors

The solution: awesome free or close to free face lights! Note that if somebody wears a face light and it tends to light up the floor, it is most likely too bright. One face light should be enough or maybe two that are not at the max intensity or radius.

Here are two places one can visit to find a great facelight:

Caliah has a FREE notecard that you can buy for 0L!! It shares tips on a good windlight setting and includes 2 face light options thatyou can see in the following picture I created.

Face Light  and Widlight settings by Caliah of Muse
Click HERE for a slurl to the spot!

The facelight that I have worn since I got it is by Usagi. It is near free for 1L. One can see how tiny the prim is in the following picture.

Face Light by Usagi

It's one of those cases where size does not matter as the radius and intensity of the light is what makes all the difference. It also has a cool script feature to show and hide the prim. I also created copies of it to attach to different parts of my face when I wear objects that attach to the mouth where the Usagi face light typically attaches when first worn. Click HERE to visit Usagi.

I hope this is helpful to those shopping or taking photographs!

Always remember - it's also OKAY not to wear a facelight!

Late Edit-in: There was a post on the fashion feed just yesterday about another FREE face light by Amacci - read that HERE


Zoe Demar said...

Feel free to also IM me in world at Zoe Demar and I will even give you a copy of a facelight that is transferable that has a lot of HUD options. :D

Nimil said...

should also add a great new addition to the new sl client in the advanced menu actually lets you "mute" attached lights! so you will still see the lighting in the area you are in but not the awful facelights that wash everything out.

just go to advanced>rendering>attached lights and turn it off...

(also turning off "attached particles" will kill bling!)

Zoe Demar said...

Thank you for your tip nimil :)

Miabella said...

Colleen & I were out shopping yesterday morning and saw noticed our avis looked like someone beat the hell out of them... um... reason being?? THAT FOOKIN JELLYFISH face light some girl was wearing. When we viewed trans we were like WTF??!
Colleen is way nicer than I am and offered the girl a new face light (somehow she didn't have a transferable,so my ass got dragged into it) but yes, not sure whos brilliant idea it was to bleach the grid with these ultra-violet-super-sonic-retna-burning- jellyfish attachments, but I seriously hope they read this & retire.