Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Costumes for all!


It is that time of year where a lot of people will have costume parties to celebrate Halloween! I had to take some pictures of myself in a few!

Halloween Costume Ideas

Star Wars stuff ranks big with me, so I had to include Yoda and my version of a Twi'lek along with plenty of pirates! I searched EVERYWHERE for the pirate outfit by Rebel Hope when I first around. At the time I didn't know who Rebel Hope was! I had seen a picture of it and finally found it at a tiny store vendor on some pirate sim. People are soo lucky to have such a variety of stuff to choose from! When TCKZ productions released their full pirate avatar I was thrilled! If anyone has looked through my flickr they would see famous Uncle Marty in a few. I absolutely adore the whole Wigglesworth creations over at Tableau.

I put together the following list of places that I have personally had a lot of luck finding great costumes over the years. These are just a few that I chose offhand.

If you would like to be added to the list, shoot an email to zoe.demar AT with the subject line: Halloween Costumes. I will update the list weekly until the 31st hits!

Celestial Studios
Rebel Hope
Titaria's Court

Happy Hauntings!!

----late addition---
My friend Foxy thought this post needed a little ewok too...
...which can be found at Soap

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