Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A little bit of style by Zoe Demar in Casual Layers

I keep hearing about people trying to get into the hair fair. I have been pretty lucky about my timing and did make my rounds but for those of you that might still need to wait a few more I encourage you to hit up some of your old haunts.

Instead of using one of the new hairs at the fair I decided to mix it up with another hair fave place of mine, Zero Style. When I stopped by the store I saw a couple of new hairs including the one that inspired the following casual layered look.

Layers of Casual

The inspiration - the lovely long layers of Zero Style's Camille in Dark Chocolate. I think I've been more into bangs recently, but really enjoy how Zero Style utilizes flexi which increases the amount of play you can have when wandering the grid or taking a fun snapshot.

I knew that for the next item I wanted to pull something from Leah's store, Naive. She's not new new to the fashion world. I first got to know her through her photography. Though she still is taking pics, she has turned her creativity to virtual fashion and has a good selection of a mix of styles for both the guys and the gals. I really liked the textured in the jeans along with the length of the capri, perfect for a casual summer day.

I knew I wanted to keep the overall look simple and searched a bit through my clothing collection and found this gray t-shirt from Cyanide. Another new to the scene designer known more for her poses has made a stamp by releasing quite a collection of sexy tops in numerous amounts of transparency and colors.

The Ayumi waistcoat that I'm calling a vest here for easy communication was an easy choice to add another element to jazz up the look a bit and add some unexpected color. The red pulls out a bit from the shoes, hoodie, and lunchbox ensemble. I personally don't have a lot of experience with Ayumi but the quality of the vest does make me want to go check it out for more.

With the top taken care of, I knew I wanted to throw in a new style of whimsy that has been used in Second Life with the creation of sculpties. You might see the a more well known and similar style at Coco's, but this wrap around hoodie creation has been in my inventory long before from Sey. The designer, risey Arai, is Japanese. I discovered it randomly when I was exploring. Its a scripted piece that has 9 different colored checkered textures - great for mixing up your looks. I haven't been back to the store for awhile but putting this together - be sure I will be stopping back soon. If I remember right they also do hair. And I'm also going to do something a little nontraditional of my blog posts and will link to their blog HERE because I know they might be harder to find.

At this point I felt pretty good about the look and it was an easy choice to pull these Hoorenbeek shoes called Samoa from my inventory. I'm amazed at the amount of detail one can get from sculpts AND textures - especially in the "shoe" designer department. The amount of realism fathoms me. Though I might be a little off-put about the close tie of using the "real life" logos, he is changing it up enough to avoid infringement to my knowledge. a side-note: I'm fascinated by copyrights - and am always learning.

Another old piece in my inventory - is this cute lunchbox from Miau Haus. Creative humor in creations goes a LONG way with me. I couldn't resist having a chick stuffed between slices of bread - perfect for any neko's lunch.

The eyes in Predawn were a very easy choice for me from Miriel - and I recommend you head to her store soon as she will be closing up shop any day now. I was saddened to hear the news, but it has to be expected with people or items in SL as things change and people move to different roads. I do wish her luck and hope that you do have the opportunity to pick up a few items from her jewelry, hair, shapes, and eyes.

Layers of Casual - Close up

Now I needed to choose a skin, and so I wanted to go with something very new to the grid. The designer isn't new but the skins are as they're to be released TODAY! Annyka Bekkers of Blowpop has some mad skills. What I like about her new skins is that each "line" has their own personality. I chose her Elizabeth skin due to the freckle love. And though you'll see this skin has reddish eyebrows I like mixing it up with darker hair. I probably would choose another to do a close-up with but I don't like limiting skin with my various chair colors and styles.

Last but not least is the icing on the cake. I'm not sure who brought in the idea of prim lashes first to SL. I think the first place I saw them was from Celestial Studios, but my has it evolved to be a must have for many in SL. I know for my modeling and photography it is a must have as it really helps make the eyes pop. I've picked up a good selection of lashes from here and there but when Carissa Crimson decided to put her out I was very curious to see what would come from it. I must say that I've really fallen in love with the au natural lash style that she released. She does have other styles as well that you should check out and see what your fave style fits your personality as I don't think you'll be disappointed.


That wraps up the layers of casual style. I hope you enjoy and can add some new places to your repertoire of fashion.

Love, Zoe


Linka said...

u look cool in this hair :)

Anonymous said...

I love the look!