Friday, June 19, 2009

Are you Drooling over the Hair Fair yet??

I know that I'm not the only one gaga over hair and many are anxiously awaiting the hair fair sim to open to the public with me! It appears that the participating hair designers have also stepped up their game by offering numerous hair pieces to choose from. I received demos yesterday from Refuge (so cute!) and I know KMADD has demos out at their store. Others have been releasing teaser pictures such as the recent one today from Maitreya. I think out of everything in SL I'm the biggest nut when it comes to hair and typically buy in packs since I need different looks constantly for my photography/modeling.

One BIG thing that I do want to add in here is to not forget that asides from great hair - the great cause of Locks of Love which the creators are donating some of the proceeds towards. Maitreya quoted on their blog, "50% of the sales will go to Locks of Love for the duration of the fair." So do be generous and look for how the vendors are donating. I personally have been thinking about growing out my RL hair to donate to the cause. I know there are certain rules to the hair, so if there is anyone thinking about it like I am you can go to the Locks of Love website HERE.

In honor of the hair fair I'm going to share some of my favorites of 2009 that I also submitted into the Hair Fair Flickr Contest this year. Congrats to the winners that were posted yesterday on the official hair fair blog HERE. It was really nice to do random pictures showcasing a few of my favorite sims along with it.

Exile's Love Story

Zero Style's Dana
Viva La Vida

Maitreya's Yasmin

Aden's Autumn II & Maddesigns' Cruz

ETD's Sarah

Abyss' Opium
It's a jungle out there

Truth's Thalia 2
Army brat

Argrace's Hunting Natural Wavy
Hole in one

LeLutka's Grace

Lamb's Cherry
yellow ribbons in her hair

Last but not least in any means as it is the biggest hair I have ever seen in-world!

Curio Obscura's Rococo Fantastico Hairstyle v1.1
Lady Locks

I hope you enjoy having a good time at the fair - and remember to reduce your Avatar Rendering Cost to have a less lag experience! see my blog post here about ARC

<3 Zoe


Carissa Crimson said...

Beautiful photos!!!
Are any of those shape Silhouette?

Zoe Demar said...

Yes I did - I'm sure you can tell which ones :D