Friday, October 23, 2009

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Farm Chic

My parents were both born and raised on a farm. I always had adored my grandparents farm when my family visited when I was young. They have since passed and my family has been renting out both the farm and the farmhouse. The renters left and last year my parents decided to bury the farmhouse into the ground after no renters could be found. We were able to save items that could be sold or reused. It was a really sad day for all of us, but at least I still have my memories. This blog post is the inspiration of this outfit as well as the picture that I took while visiting the 6pi sim. (6pi sim slurl)

creep in the night

It all started with a visit to Aoharu after I saw this new shirt jacket released. It also gave me a good opportunity to show off the new Tres Blah skins. I'm a big fan of both designer's creations. I'm happy to see Tres Blah creating under her old brand again and trying her hand at skins.

Farm Chic - Close-up

I didn't want to keep the top to some white tank, but wanted a tank kinda feel - I went with an oldie but goodie from Canimal with the hearts tank. I really think it gives some more personality to the style.

Originally I was thinking some sort of khaki trouser but ended up going back to jeans. I've blogged quite a few different jeans so I decided to go shopping and pick up the garage jeans by League. My grandfather was quite the mechanic so having something named garage jeans seemed like a good tribute to him.

The boots I picked up recently from J's - along with his cowboy boots - I'm really impressed with the quality of the boots and range of colors. I honestly couldn't decide on a color so went with the fatpack - which is all scripted into the boot so you don't have to put on different boots in every color and it helps save on my inventory count too!

To add my touch of whimsy, which is something I try to do with every look, was with another purchase from Reek. The firefly jar comes in two versions - one for your hand and one you can put in your house as a night light.

To pair up to the skin I decided to deviate from my shape and pull out one that I worked with on the Skin/Shape Expo. It is the Paris shape by Leafy and I really liked how it looks youthful but sophisticated with the Tres Blah skin.

The Final touches I added was eyes from Exodi's Zbilja collection - definitely my current fave eyes - they have a lot of depth in them which I adore for my photography. And the hair by Miel that is an up-do but with a lot of little fly away hairs that really give it a natural breezy feel.


I hope you enjoy my Farm Chic look!



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Bella Baroque said...

i really love this entry zoe. the picture in the field is beautiful and your style is so sweet. your face looks very unique with the tres blah skin. well done!