Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Second Personal Tribute to Ginny Talamasca by Zoe Demar

Before the brand of Last Call came about, the creations of Ginny Talamasca was under the brand name of Dazzle.

It certainly dazzled the likes of me and my friends. The store was HUGE and full of creations. This was the time before sculpties and included a mix of both flexi and non-flexi options. Dazzle is where I first became a fan of Ginny's back in 2006. Some of these creations pictured were limited editions. Note that I decided to include some outfits in multiple layer or skirt forms.

Zoe's Dazzle Collection
(if this image does not animate - please click through to my flickr page to view)

With this tribute to Ginny - I really want to take a moment to thank all the designers that really strive to be themselves and make Second Life what it is today. It is a lot of work, frustration, and joy that I believe most creators go through. Keep up the good work!



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