Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Showgirl

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Lately I've been helping my RL/SL hubby with SL photography. We had been visiting pose shops and one of the places we visited was LostAngels Industries. I noticed a new section was up with a few items and tried them out. The first thing I was thinking was, "OMG where the hell were these when I was working at Blacklace?" I contacted Evangeline Cortes to find out more information and requested to blog about it. She was excited that I showed interest and when I stopped by later on the next day we had a good conversation while she showed off the pieces.

The newness is called, Allure Retro' Multiposes Collection by LostAngel (official release today!). I'm not going to give you all the details here because you really should go see for yourself. But there are two groupings of furniture. One is what I'll call the Dressing Room, which I'm showing off the vanity and vanity chair. The other I'm going to refer to as, Music Lounge. Each piece of furniture holds on average 3-5 poses while others hold up to 10. I have enjoyed in the past the series that LostAngels puts out but was really happy to see something that related to what I spent a lot of time doing in SL.

Now for the fashions that this set inspired. I'm not going to go into detail of how I pulled the look together but the overall feel I wanted was vintage lingerie with a showgirl twist - which to me, meant bling with fur!


Love, Zoe

Note: Image has been processed but clothing shown is not meant to be misrepresented

Aoharu - Fur Coat in White
Ooh LaLa! - From Lined Corset in Pink
Ooh LaLa! - Seam Stockings in Black
Alienbear - Mimmi in Platinum Black
Maitreya - Verve in Black
LeLutka - Luisa in Blonde Fun
League - Taylor in Medium Blonde Feline
LeLutka - Reflections in Glory
Pose Set by LostAngels Industries